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Futuristic looking Toyota Kikai concept to grace Tokyo Motor Show

Efficiently living up to a name that means ‘“strange” or “machine’ in Japanese, Toyota Kikai concept is just that. It has exposed mechanical parts which include suspension and a mid mounted engine, designed to draw together man and machine. It also reminds viewers that there is more to a car than just a long list of technical and electronic driving equipment.

Just a design study and not a car that will ever go into production, the Toyota Kikai concept has sliding doors while the interiors are spacious enough for three passengers including the driver. The seating is in a triangular configuration. This puts the driver in the front and two passengers at the rear. Steering is seen in the form of a retro inspired wheel devoid of buttons while instrument cluster is seen with four analogue gauges on curved tubing.

We hope Toyota has an explanation for the image of a pig on the right most dial!

No engine details were offered by Toyota but a trained eye shows a gasoline electric hybrid drive train built around 4 cylinder engine positioned just behind passenger section. This engine could be mated to an automatic transmission sending power to rear wheels.

Windows on the floor give an impression of speed, while four control arms on display indicate direction. What Toyota has not revealed as on date is why the Kikai’s destination point is a pig located at a distance of 570 meters ahead? Look sharper at one of the four dials to know what we are talking about. This could be revealed once the Toyota Kikai concept is displayed at the Tokyo Motor Show starting October 29 where it will be sharing space with Toyota S-FR and FCV Plus concepts.

Toyota Kikai Concept – Photos

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