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Toyota Innova Hycross Hybrid ZX and ZX (O) Bookings Halted Temporarily

Waiting period for Innova HyCross hybrid variant has touched 2.5 years in some cases

Toyota Innova HyCross Hybrid bookings stop
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While advanced gadgetry has always been a major draw, Toyota-Maruti focused on strong hybrid tech to attract customers with their new range of cars. It started with Maruti Suzuki Grand Vitara / Toyota Urban Cruiser HyRyder, while Innova HyCross was launched later. Market response has been phenomenal, with all strong hybrids from Toyota-Maruti registering strong growth.

Buyers see value in investing in strong hybrid cars, as cost savings are simply unparalleled. When running only on battery power, strong hybrids can perform just like an electric car. Fuel efficiency is a major advantage. For example, Toyota HyRyder and Innova HyCross hybrid have best-in-class fuel efficiency of 27.97 kmpl and 21.1 kmpl, respectively.

Toyota Innova Hybrid ZX, ZX (O) Variants – Bookings halted temporarily

Since their launch, Toyota Innova HyCross has been witnessing heavy demand for the strong hybrid variants. It has led to a situation where waiting periods have increased to more than 2.5 years months in specific locations. To avoid any inconvenience to customers, Toyota has temporarily halted bookings for its Innova HyCross ZX, ZX (O) hybrid variants from 8th April, 2023. Dealers have been notified about the same.

Media Statement – “The Innova Hycross was launched recently during Nov 2022 to cater to the needs of the customers seeking proportions & poise of an SUV with the spaciousness of an MPV. The versatile Innova Hycross, available in both self-charging strong hybrid electric variant [SHEV] as well as gasoline variant is for every occasion owing to its glamor quotient, advanced technology, comfort, safety features and a thrill to drive. We are grateful to our valued customers for the overwhelming response that they have shown to Innova Hycross across all its variants within a few months of its launch.

However, owing to the ongoing supply challenges, we deeply regret to announce the temporary halt of bookings for top end grades of Innova Hycross i.e., ZX and ZX (O) only, with effect from 8th April 2023. The bookings of the other grades of Innova Hycross both the hybrid and gasoline will continue. We are doing our best to resume the Innova Hycross bookings for the said variants at the earliest.”

Huge Waiting Period For Toyota Hybrid Variants

As per some dealers we spoke to, much of the demand is for top-spec variants of HyCross and HyRyder. For HyCross ZX (O), waiting period is 2.5 years. For HyCross VX variant, waiting period is in the range of 8 to 12 months. In case of HyRyder hybrid variants, waiting period is more than a year in some cities.

No direct rival to Hybrid Innova, HyRyder

In terms of strong hybrid powertrain, there is currently no direct rival to the likes of HyRyder and HyCross. Moreover, there is no hard evidence that other OEMs in these segments are planning to introduce strong hybrid variants in future. Most other OEMs seem to be focusing more on introducing plug-in-hybrids and BEVs.

Toyota-Maruti have taken a different approach and it appears to be working till now. Strong hybrids are self-charging vehicles that don’t have constraints like recharging time and limited range. Moreover, they are cheaper than EVs. All these factors place Toyota-Maruti hybrid cars at an advantageous position, at least for the next few years.

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