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Toyota to manufacture Suzuki cars at its plant in India – Sell via Suzuki / Toyota dealers

As part of their association, Toyota Motor Corporation (Toyota) and Suzuki Motor Corporation (Suzuki) today have begun discussions on new joint projects. This will span Toyota and Suzuki compact car technological development, vehicle production, and market development.

Further developments fall under the aegis of the MoU both companies signed towards business partnership on February 6, 2017. Toyota and Suzuki have already decided on mutual supply of vehicles for the Indian market, and other joint efforts. Both companies will expand the possibilities under partnership considerations to focus on production and market development.

Developments – Denso Corp and Toyota will provide tech support to Suzuki to develop a new compact, ultrahigh-efficiency engine and transmission, thereby an all new compact car will be launched. For now, Toyota India will produce Suzuki cars at their plant in Bangalore. Toyota India currently uses about 30% of their manufacturing capacity of 2.1 lakh units. The unused capacity will be used to manufacture Suzuki cars.

This will not only help Toyota, but also Suzuki. Toyota will be selling these cars via Suzuki and Toyota dealers across India. Suzuki will get to increase their sales and reduce waiting period, while Toyota will be able to use their unused plant capacity by manufacturing cars and selling it to Suzuki. These cars will also be exported abroad. The association looks to advance cooperation in the logistics and service domains for the Suzuki compact car and other developments. More details will be discussed as the project advances.

Toyota President Akio Toyoda’s statement – ‘Suzuki was the first (among Japanese companies) to enter India, and, together with the people of India, has been a presence for pulling forward India’s automotive society. Such represents the spirit of “Let’s do it” that I mentioned when announcing the conclusion of our memorandum of understanding on beginning concrete examinations for business partnership. Or, as I like to say, Suzuki is a company that puts into practice being “The Best in Town.” As members of Indian society, Toyota, along with Suzuki, will do its best to enhance freedom and fun in a future society of mobility and to make “Make in India” vehicles cherished in Africa and in many other countries around the world. Breaking from a future that adheres to convention, Toyota has chosen a future in which the path is created by one’s own hands. For this, the spirit of “Let’s do it” is necessary. Through our business partnership with Suzuki, I would like to learn more about this spirit.’

Suzuki Chairman Osamu Suzuki’s statement – ‘At the time we announced the partnership, I said: “Under the leadership of President Akio Toyoda, Toyota was enthusiastic throughout our discussions regarding partnership sought by Suzuki, which was concerned about the development of advanced technologies. I want to express my heartfelt appreciation.” Immediately afterwards, Toyota arranged a series of intensive and meaningful discussions. Now, we will receive support for the development of a compact, ultrahigh-efficiency powertrain that is vital to Suzuki, and we will focus our utmost efforts on development. It is my hope that the new joint projects will contribute to the future success of both companies, not only in India, but also in the global market.’

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