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Traffic fines for car stickers, religious, caste, profession, political party display

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As per a new order issued by the Traffic Department of Rajasthan, those motorists who display stickers on their private cars indicating caste, religion, profession or affiliation to any political parties will face action.

This order has come into effect from 3rd September 2019 and strict action will be taken against those found flouting this law. This order was passed after The Central Rights Society sent a letter stating that the trend of displaying such sensitive information was on the rise in the state of Rajasthan.

Besides giving rise to communal discord, such large displays in the form of stickers and posters on the rear windscreen were also dangerous and could cause a distraction to other drivers. Below is a copy of the official order issued.

Image – HV Kumar on Facebook

The Traffic Police of Rajasthan are swooping down on motorists who till date have been blatantly displaying caste and religious stickers on their vehicles. There are also members who belong or are affiliated to political parties who have been found to be putting up large banners on the rear windscreens of their cars. These not only cause poor visibility for the driver of the said vehicle but also for oncoming traffic who get distracted by such displays.

While writing on number plates is considered illegal and attracts a fine of Rs.5,000, the order does not specify any exact penalty in the case of cars carrying these stickers and slogans. The aim is clearly to ensure that the windscreen is free from such distraction which also causes poor visibility which could lead to accidents.

The Motor Vehicle Act of 1988 under Section 177 states that if there is no penalty mentioned, a minimum fine of Rs.100 can be imposed for a first time offence, extending to Rs.300 for subsequent offences. However, in the light of new traffic fines coming into effect, higher penalties should be imposed for such offences so as to act as a deterrent to car owners.

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