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Traffic offences and social media enabled justice

Last Monday evening, Ravi Shankar found himself at the receiving end of hooliganism justice on Linking road, near Citi walk signal. Waiting for the traffic signal to go green, an Innova behind him was in a hurry to get by and the driver blew its horn incessantly. Upon questioning their blatant disregard for traffic signals and bizarre demand, a security guard decided to lathi charge him while hurling abuses. Oh yes, it was a VIP car.

Aamby Valley responds to Ravi Shankar

While the car did speed through as soon at signal change, Ravi did give chase, and the security personnel in the the offending car obliged with a fight. This included the guard who previously whacked Ravi, and a gun holding individual. While bystanders remained bystanders, Ravi kept the verbal fight going. The commotion in a public place did yield an apology from the offenders but they stood their ground about their VIP car status and how Ravi shouldn’t argue. The open threats reached a point where the gun holding security guard even told Ravi he should be glad it was a lathi because if were him, he would have put a bullet into me. In utter shock and disbelief, Ravi did laugh unable to believe he actually said that. The abusing went on for a while longer, till both guards simply walked away pretending to have no part in the street brawl.

Ravi single-handedly questioned this injustice and the power VIPs warrant, and misuse, such that their security guards believe they can away with shooting a person for not being let through a red signal. He used photos of the car in question to seek answers, and while his appeal was shared and reshared online, within the next 2 days, a result came through. Aambi Valley/Sahara Group emailed a formal apology and copy of the suspension letter of the offender.

Legal head (Shri Devendra R Pradhan), security head (Col. Bhattacharya) and Aviation & Facilities head (Shri Praveen Bharadwaj) from Aamby Valley called to apologise. Having taken full responsibility for the incident, the company has set up an enquiry committee to examine the matter for appropriate penal action and necessary disciplinary measures to prevent such an occurrence again.

The Innova which broke all traffic rules. Ravi Shankar’s presence of mind has brought justice.
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