Mumbai registers over 15,000 traffic violations during Holi celebrations

Festive time does not mean rules can be taken for granted, as Mumbai Traffic Police would like to say. Those who reek havoc in the city, be it anytime of the year, are dealt with accordingly; and to “ensure safe celebrations” during Holi, Mumbai’s Joint Commissioner of Police (traffic), BK Upadhyay, strengthened the spread of police officers across the city and filtered the threats on wheels.

Mumbai Holi traffic violation riding octuples
2,700 traffic personnel were deployed across 75 nakabandis, from Thursday afternoon to Friday evening.

He expressed that during festivals like Holi, people gathering in crowds tend to become unruly and dangerous chaos is created all of a sudden in the midst of celebrations. Incidents like drunk driving, bike stunts and driving without helmet are found to be common and in large numbers, which are just starters for the day to turn wrong.

However, the thorough planning and execution of traffic police network across the city seems to have saved the day preventing many accidents to say the least.

During the two day period of Holi celebrations (Thursday the 5th and Friday the 6th of March, 2015), 15,220 traffic violations were registered in Mumbai. The cases are drunken driving (749 cases), rash driving (117) and riding without helmet (5,114), for the most part. Riding triples (253) was also a major concern during the days and there were cases of Indian Jugaad in the making, riding octuples, with kids! Other traffic offences sums up to a count of 8,985, in the two days.

Source – DNA newspaper