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Triumph Speed 400 And 7 Other Motorcycles In Similar Price Range

Triumph Speed 400 Price
Triumph Speed 400 Price

In this space of premium single-cylinder machines within Rs. 2.2 – 2.4 lakh (ex-sh), legacy brands like Yamaha and Suzuki are surprisingly absent

Triumph Speed 400 is launched in India for an introductory price of Rs. 2.23 lakh (ex-sh). The pricing strategy has created quite a stir in the Indian motorcycle segment. The motorcycle has garnered 10,000 bookings in 10 days and introductory pricing is not valid anymore. The price now stands at Rs. 2.33 lakh (ex-sh). At this price range, it clashes with a lot of motorcycles across various brands.

But all fingers point towards Royal Enfield’s lion’s share in the 350cc space. So, what are the options (irrespective of body styles) for a prospective buyer that is considering a Triumph Speed 400 at Rs. 2.2 to 2.4 lakh (ex-sh, Delhi)? Let’s take a look.

1. Royal Enfield Meteor 350 – Up to Rs. 2.25 lakh

Royal Enfield Meteor 350 Sales Jan 2023
Image – Being Technozz

Royal Enfield has a slew of 350cc motorcycles and Meteor 350 is their flagship. It has the same J-series 349cc SOHC, 2V, air-cooled engine as others that makes 20.2 bhp and 27 Nm and weighs 191 kg. A tripper screen with top-trims with Bluetooth and navigation along with Royal Enfield’s legacy badging are its biggest strengths.

2. Bajaj Dominar 400 – Rs. 2.29 lakh

Bajaj Dominar 400 - Biggest Discount Ever
Image – Shahrukh Akhtar

This is the original VFM motorcycle that redefined performance on a budget. Despite its unmatched performance, equipment, features and engineering prowess, Bajaj Dominar didn’t create enough dent in Royal Enfield’s armour. It has a KTM-sourced 373cc DOHC, 4V, liquid-cooled engine making 39.42 bhp and 35 Nm of torque and weighs a hefty 193 kg.

3. Royal Enfield Himalayan 411 – Up to Rs. 2.28 lakh

RE Himalayan New Colours
RE Himalayan New Colours

There is a Scram 411, Himalayan’s platform partner that surprisingly costs less than Meteor 350. Both 411s have a SOHC, 2V, air-cooled 411cc engine with 24.3 bhp and 32 Nm and weighs 199 kg. It is the only off-roader in this comparo. If that is your jam and you want one with comparable performance as Speed 400, the upcoming Himalayan 450cc would be worth the wait.

4. Honda CB300F – Up to Rs. 2.29 lakh

Honda CB300F
Honda CB300F

This is one of the less spoken-about Honda motorcycles. It has a lot of good bits like a 293.52cc SOHC, 2V, oil-cooled engine with 24.13 bhp and 25.6 Nm. It weighs just 153 kg, which is the lightest in this list. If an easy-to-use lightweight bike is your jam, this is it, within the Rs. 2.2 – 2.4 lakh (ex-sh) budget.

5. Benelli Imperiale 400 – Rs. 2.35 lakh

Benelli Imperiale 400 Diwali Discount Offer
Benelli Imperiale 400

If being old-school and packing the biggest motorcycle (literally) is your preference, then Benelli Imperiale 400 makes a lot of sense. There is a 374cc SOHC, air-cooled, 4V engine that generates 20.7 bhp of power and 29 Nm of torque. Weight is the highest at 205 kg.

6. KTM 250 Duke – Rs. 2.38 lakh

KTM Duke 250 LED headlight

Yes. KTM 250 Duke costs more than Dominar 400 owing to its componentry, hardware and KTM brand value. It packs a 248cc DOHC, 4V, liquid-cooled engine generating 29.6 bhp and 24 Nm of torque. It weighs slightly less than Triumph Speed 400 at 170 kg.

7. Harley-Davidson X440 – Up to Rs. 2.69 lakh

New Harley Davidson X440
New Harley Davidson X440

Even though Harley-Davidson X440 starts from Rs. 2.29 lakh (ex-sh), pricing goes till 2.69 lakh (ex-sh) for top-spec S trim. It packs the highest engine displacement in this comparo at 440cc. This is a DOHC engine with a 2V head and oil-cooling generating 27 bhp and 38 Nm. It weighs a lot more than Speed 400 at 190.5 kg.

Triumph Speed 400 – Rs. 2.33 lakh

Triumph Speed 400
Triumph Speed 400

Coming to the bike of the hour, Triumph Speed 400 is by far the most bang for the buck. It packs a 398cc DOHC, 4V, liquid-cooled engine with 39.5 bhp of power and 37.5 Nm of torque. It even packs a slipper clutch and ride-by-wire as well. Most of the hardware and features are best-in-segment and it weighs 176 kg. Will it be the new go-to bike in the segment? Only time will tell.

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