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TVS Apache 310 owner fined – Cop says LED headlight is illegal (Video)

Here’s how this one played out. The copper while taking stock of the situation notices the rider (Priyam Bose) is filming it all, and in what is a very Bengali trait, encourages the rider to make the video well and not discreetly, to which the rider responds, of course sir repeatedly. He then explains to the officer that his bike’s headlight is company fitted so there’s no reason he should be pulled up and if there’s a prob, the copper should address it with TVS company.

The officer then tries to put the responsibility back on the rider by saying, you bought it, so it’s your responsibility. The shellshocked rider at this point sounds quite shocked at this absurd suggestion, and repeats what the copper says before asking in amazement, ‘what sort of conversation is this?’ And what do you mean.

There is then a dialogue around decency of tone to which the rider responds he’s speaking decently. The cop then says he will be taking a fine at which point the irritated rider says based on what considering he would never have gotten a straightforward permit/registration had his bike been fitted with modified LEDs.

Smart Alec intervenes trying to ask a smart/rhetoric question about whether or not the rider knows what sort of vehicles are given a permit. The group of officers insist he will be fined for the lights and rider continues asking why would there be a valid motor vehicles registration in place if the lights were not permitted. The cops then find their own sequence of right and wrong, saying they will fine him, and in retrospect the rider should complain against them.

While the rider is asking for the name of the second officer the very proper head officer makes it known that if the rider has eyes he can see the officer’s nameplate badge as he does not come for duty without a nameplate. Watch the full video below.

As officer Majhi continues to fill the paperwork for the fine, the gathered Sodepur Thana officers decide they will not say another word. The conversation continues to the rider can pay the fine online, and the rider insists the section is mentioned correctly. Upon reading it upside down he reads it as R177 but that challan for 100 bucks is of a fellow commuter who was being fined.

The by now exasperated rider brings up pertinent questions – What has happened to West Bengal government and how did they reach this point? He further adds ‘cases are being handed out to meet a daily quota so any Tom, Dick and Harry is being booked. This is harassment. You’re taking Rs 100 which is earned through blood and sweat but it doesn’t matter to you because you can take money from anywhere.’

Second part of the video show the cops explaining protocol and insisting the rider may challenge the challan without once trying to understand the simple fact that the lights are not dazzling lights as they insist but company fitted lights. They further elaborate that because of the rider’s lights, people are disturbed and people on the road will die because the lights will be the cause of accidents.

TVS Apache 310 ‘Dazling’ light fine receipt.

In the meantime two more cops ride by and upon being questioned by the rider, say the rider has to do what the officer says. The law is the law. An afterthought puts forward an important question. Can LED lights be the same as dazzling lights? The rider then says lights should be switched off, and one should proceed with candlelight. The live video then is switched off abruptly as one copper suggests they should take the phone.

Disclaimer – As the manufacturer (TVS Motor Company) has blacklisted Rushlane from it’s events/rides as a consequence of decisions based on restrictive practices, this post is written on a third party video of independent copyright sourced from social media.

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