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New TVS Jupiter Grande vs Honda Activa 5G – Which is the best scooter?

Disclaimer – The manufacturer (TVS Motor Company) has blacklisted Rushlane from it’s events/rides as a consequence of decisions based on restrictive practices. This blog is reliant on available media material and study notes (press sourced).

TVS has introduced some new features and upgrades in Jupiter and launched it as the Grande edition. With the upgrades, TVS Jupiter Grande now has the firepower to take on key rivals such as Honda Activa 5G. So, which one should you buy this festive season? Here’s a quick comparison between TVS Jupiter Grande and Honda Activa 5G to help you understand your choices.

Design and features: Both TVS Jupiter Grande and Honda Activa 5G do not sport any significant design changes. There are few cosmetic changes, for example, Jupiter Grande now has a shiny chrome strip on its front fender whereas Activa features twin chrome elements on its front apron. Both have full LED headlamp, but Jupiter Grande also offers an LED tail lamp. Jupiter Grande has an upgraded brown seat with a trendy stitch pattern and it also comes with a beige-coloured floorboard and handlebar. In comparison, Activa utilizes the classic black seat and the standard floorboard and handlebar.

On Jupiter Grande, we see an analogue speedometer and a digital unit that displays odometer, fuel indicator, clock and trip meter. These are also available on Activa 5G, but only in DLX variant. Both scooties have two hooks in the front for carrying stuff in a convenient manner. Activa’s seat opener switch is located next to the ignition and fuel filler cap lies under the seat. In case of Jupiter Grande, there’s a key slot on the left side panel to access its fuel filler cap. Key slot also doubles up as the boot opener.

Engine: Both scooties are powered by 109cc, single cylinder engine that delivers max power of 8 bhp. However, Activa 5G delivers 9Nm torque, which is slightly better than Jupiter Grande’s 8Nm.

Wheels and tyres:Jupiter Grande has 12-inch wheels featuring a 5-spoke design whereas Activa 5G has 10-inch steel wheels. Both scooties come with tubeless tyres. Grande offers conventional telescopic forks whereas Activa utilizes link suspension for the front wheels. Both scooties have monoshock suspension system at the rear.

Brakes: Jupiter Grande customers will get drum brakes as standard and they can also opt for front disc brakes. Activa only offers drum brakes. However, both scooties utilize the combined braking system.

Fuel tank: Activa’s 5.3-litre fuel tank is slightly larger than Grande’s 5-litre fuel tank.

Pricing: TVS Jupiter Grande drum-brake variant is priced at Rs 55,936 whereas the disc-brake variant comes with a price tag of Rs 59,648. Honda Activa 5G standard variant is priced at Rs 53,865 whereas DLX variant comes at Rs 55,730.

Which one should you buy? Honda Activa 5G was the top selling scooty in August with sales of 3,10,851 units. So, most people would like to go with number one. Activa 5G is also cheaper and outputs slightly better torque than Jupiter Grande. However, TVS Jupiter Grande has better styling, larger wheel size and disc-brake option. It is also the second most sold scooty with sales of 79,223 units in August.

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