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TVS Motor Prices Oct 2022 – Apache, Jupiter, Raider, NTORQ, Ronin

TVS October price hike doesn’t apply to any of its 180cc+ motorcycles and its electric scooter, iQube

TVS Apache
TVS Apache

The Chennai-based 2W and 3W manufacturer has registered solid growth when it comes to domestic sales. But with increase in raw material costs, price increase has been inevitable. In October, the company hiked the prices that affect both scooters and motorcycles, except for a handful of products.

This is unlike the minor price hike that a few Yamaha motorcycles recently got. TVS Sport Kick Start model saw a price hike of 3,920 and Electric Start model got a price hike of 1,600. Sport is TVS’ least expensive product. Star City Plus saw an even heftier hike of 4,785 for Drum variant and 4,145 for Disc variant. Sport model now starts from 64,040 and Star City Plus from 74,990.

TVS Price Hike Oct 2022 – Motorcycles

Radeon is another strong contender in 110cc space. Base model doesn’t get any hike. Digi Drum and Digi Disc variant prices got hiked by 2,448 and 3,448 respectively. Radeon prices still start from 59,925. Raider 125 Drum variant price is hiked by 1,400 and Disc variant by 4,400. TVS Raider 125 recently got a 5” cluster with Smart Xonnect Bluetooth system that is priced at 99,990.

Apache RTR 160 2V saw a price hike of 6,050 and 6,550 for Drum and Disc variants. Recently added Bluetooth variant is priced at 1,24,590. RTR 160 4V prices now start from 1,21,790 which used to start from 1,19,378. Price hike for Drum variant is 2,412, Disc variant is 3,805, BT variant is 4,389 and Special Edition variant is 4,515.

TVS Motorcycle Prices Oct 2022
TVS Motorcycle Prices Oct 2022

From this point on, we step into TVS’ higher end of motorcycle spectrum. Surprisingly, TVS hasn’t fettled with the prices of any of these motorcycles. Apache RTR 180 was recently updated and is priced at 1,30,590 since launch. Apache RTR 200 4V prices start from 1,39,690 and are carried over as is.

TVS’ cross-genre product Ronin prices started from Rs. 1,49,000 and are carried over as is along with Apache RR 310 prices which start from Rs. 2,65,000. Highest price hike among motorcycles is for Apache RTR 160 2V Disc variant which stood at 6,550 and accounted for 5.71% increment.

TVS Price Hike Oct 2022 – Scooters

Starting with Scooty Pep Plus, Gloss variant received a 2,950 hike, Pink variant received a 4,850 hike and Matte variant saw a hike of 2,950. In effect, Scooty Pep Plus prices now start from Rs. 63,284 over 60,334 before the price hike. TVS Zest has Gloss and Matte variants and both of them got a price hike of 4,620. Zest prices now start from 71,636.

TVS Scooter Prices Oct 2022
TVS Scooter Prices Oct 2022

TVS Jupiter recently saw solid growth in sales. Jupiter 110 prices now start from 69,990. Price hike for Sheet metal Wheel is 1,419, STD variant is 2,100, ZX variant is 2,900, ZX Disc is 3,100 and Smart Xonnect is 2,900. Jupiter 125 saw a steeper price hike of 4,650 for Drum, 4,750 for Alloy, and 4,550 for Disc variants. Jupiter 125 range now starts from 82,825.

TVS’ sporty NTORQ saw relatively less price hike. Drum variant saw 2,850, Alloy variant saw 4,750, Disc variant saw 2,850, Race Edition saw 3,300, Super Squad Edition saw 2,850, Race XP saw 2,850 and lastly, XT variant saw a price hike of 2,900. NTORQ prices now start from 79,956 over 77,106 before price hike. In contrast, iQube electric scooter prices have been retained as is.

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