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TVS Sales, Exports Breakup March 2021 – Apache, Jupiter, Ntorq, iQube

New TVS Apache
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TVS Motor Company reports growth in domestic wholesales and exports for March 2021

With FY21 coming to a close, TVS Motor Company reported an uptick in domestic wholesales in March 2021. This was true for the majority of its product lineup. Jupiter scooter leads the sales count at 57,206 units, up from 21k units You at volume gain of 36,205 units. It contributed to 28 percent of TVS’ domestic wholesales.

XL Super moped that has stood the test of time and contributes to make up for the remainder 50 percent of TVS’ domestic wholesales. sales is reported at 44,688 units, up from 32,808 units at volume gain of just under 12k units. Apache series sales crossed the 33k mark, up from 21,764 units at 52.37 percent YoY growth.

TVS domestic sales for March 2021

Ntorq wholesales grew to 26,851 units, up from 9,192 units at volume gain of 17,659 units. Radeon sales grew phenomenally. This isn’t difficult to comprehend considering that demand for mass market 100cc-110cc commuter motorcycles is at an all time high at present.

Volume gain stood at just under 8k units. And daily commute two-wheeler sales are now under consideration not only to maintain some sense of safety. A large number of delivery based jobs, which are still available can only be concluded if the runner has a dependable two-wheeler.

TVS Domestic Sales - March 2021
TVS Domestic Sales – March 2021

TVS Sport wholesales too benefitted at about 8.8k in wholesales, up from 2,585 units at volume gain of 6,230 units. Pep plus scooter sales stopped just shy of 8k units, up from 532 units. Volume gain was at a big time high of 7,382 units.

Star City sales was pegged at 6.3k units up from 2,478 units at volume gain of 3,821 units. Zest sales were at over 5.6k units, up from 801 units at volume gain of 4,855 units. RR310, the auto manufacturer’s big cc product saw sales pegged at 435 units.

iQube electric scooter sales is reported at 355 units. Total domestic wholesales was reported at just over 2 lakh units. This is quite the jump considering a year earlier this number stood at 94k units. Volume gain for the month stood at a noticeable 1,08,052 units.

TVS Exports March 2021
TVS Exports March 2021

TVS export for March 2021

TVS exports sees Star City 125 lead the charge at 35,737 units, up from 13,969 units. The unit is not sold in the domestic market. The smaller cc Star City unit saw exports grow to about 33k units, up from 13k units.

Apache exports were at 16.7k units. RR310 exports were at 37 units. Sport exports are reported at 8.4k units, and Ntorq at 6,184 units. Radeon exports stood at 1,040 units, XL Super at 942 units, and Victor at 800 units. Wego scooter exports are reported at 214 units, and Jupiter at 133 units. The latter fits at the lower end of the export ladder despite chart leading sales in India. In total, March 2021 exports stood at over a lakh units from just under 40k units YoY. Volume gain stood at 65,397 units.

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