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Two Wheeler Retail Sales Nov 2020 – Hero, Honda, TVS, Bajaj, Suzuki, RE, Yamaha, Jawa, BMW

Jawa Perak
Jawa Perak

According to FADA, two wheeler retail sales declined 15.84 percent to 15,13,202 units in Nov 2020

As per data released by Federation of Automobile Dealers Association, the past month has seen a dip in two wheeler sales. This data is based on vehicle registration collected from 1,265 out of 1,472 Regional Transport Offices.

Every two wheeler maker in India has noted de-growth in terms of retail sales in November 2020 as against that seen in the same month of the previous year with the exception of TVS Motor and BMW, while sales of electric two wheelers also surged.

Hero MotoCorp YoY sales decline

India’s largest two-wheeler maker Hero MotorCorp led the segment with a 34.69 percent market share. Hero noted a 23.20 percent dip in sales by 23.20 percent to 5,24,986 units in Nov 20, down from 6,83,591 units sold in Nov 19 with volume loss of 1,58,605 units. Taking into account MoM sales, the company noted a 57.39 percent increase as against 3,33,563 units retailed in Oct 20.

Honda two wheeler, commanding market share of 25.12 percent, reported sales decline by 17.33 percent in the past month. Total retails stood at 3,80,088 units, downs from 4,59,774 units sold in the same month of the previous year. Retails when compared to that of Oct 20, saw an increase of 30.05 percent from 2,92,267 units sold. The Honda Activa was the company’s bestselling two wheeler in India.

Two Wheeler Retail Sales Nov 2020
Two Wheeler Retail Sales Nov 2020 vs Nov 2019 (MoM) – FADA

TVS Motor Company reported that for Nov 20, the company registered a 21.72 percent growth in yearly sales. Sales for Nov 20 stood at 2,95,559 units, up from 2,42,824 units sold in Nov 19. The company also noted a MoM sales increase by 89.38 percent as 1,39,496 units were retailed in Oct 20.

Bajaj, Suzuki, Royal Enfield and Yamaha

Bajaj, Suzuki Royal Enfield and Yamaha each posted de-growth in the past month. Bajaj Auto retail sales dipped 30.80 percent to 1,52,965 units, down from 2,21,063 units sold in Nov 19 while the company commanded a market share of 10.11 percent. Market share in Oct 20 was at 11.37 percent when the company retailed 1,18,486 units, relating to a MoM growth of 29.10 percent.

Two Wheeler Retail Sales Nov 2020
Two Wheeler Retail Sales Nov 2020 vs Oct 2020 (MoM) – FADA

Suzuki also noted de-growth to the extent of 15.65 percent YoY. Nov 20 retail sales stood at 51,194 units, down from 60,694 units sold in Nov 19 while MoM sales increased 18.06 percent as against 43,361 units sold in Oct 20. Royal Enfield also reported de-growth in Nov 20 with 48,881 units retailed, down 24.06 percent as against 64,368 units sold in the same month of the previous year. MoM retails however grew 4.91 percent with 46,593 units retailed during Oct 20.

With a market share of 3.12 percent Yamaha sales dipped 8.48 percent to 47,208 units in Nov 20 down from 51,581 units sold in Nov 19 while MoM sales grew by 12.50 percent as against 41,961 units sold during the festive and auspicious month of Oct 20.

No2W Retail SalesNov-20Nov-19
1Hero (-23%)5,24,9866,83,591
2Honda (-17%)3,80,0884,59,774
3TVS (+22%)2,95,5592,42,824
4Bajaj (-31%)1,52,9652,21,063
5Suzuki (-16%)51,19460,694
6Enfield (-24%)48,88164,368
7Yamaha (-8%)47,20851,581
8Piaggio (-24%)4,7226,201
9Jawa (-17%)3,2033,842
10BMW (+62%)427263
11Kawasaki (-63%)109293
12Harley (-67%)69212
13Triumph (-13%)5968
14Ducati (-80%)525
15Others / Electric (+14%)3,7273,251
Total (-16%)15,13,20217,98,050

Piaggio and Jawa reported de- growth of 23.85 percent and 16.63 percent in Nov 20 while and BMW reported an increase in retail sales to the extent of 62.36 percent YoY growth with 424 units retailed in the past month and a 310.58 percent MoM growth as against 104 units retailed in Oct 20.

Retail de-growth was reported for Kawasaki, Harley, Triumph and Ducati while the other two wheeler makers along with electric two wheelers saw a YoY growth of 14.64 percent to 3,727 units in Nov 20 up from 3,251 units sold in Nov 19. The demand for electric two wheelers on the rise with a MoM growth of 42.63 percent as against 2,613 units sold in Oct 20.

Vinkesh Gulati, President of FADA has cautioned all two wheeler Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEMs) and dealers to keep a check on vehicle inventory. Usually demand stays subdued post the festive season as has been noted in the past, and this year especially, sales could be impacted due to the pandemic situation in the country.

Disclaimer – The above retail sales figures do not include data from AP, MP, LD & TS as these States/UT’s are not yet registered on Vahan 4.

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