Vespa Elettrica electric scooter from Piaggio debuts at EICMA 2016

The new Vespa Elettrica, an electric version of the classic Vespa, was officially revealed at the EIMCA Show. It will go on sale sometime in the second half of 2017 even as pricing and specifications have not been disclosed as on date.

Distinguished by electric blue accents, the all electric model Vespa Elettrica boasts of a metal body. It gets an overall silver color with blue accent stripe to indicate its electric nature.


It will ride the same as its non electric counterpart. Its highest selling point will be the fact that it will be more environment friendly with zero emissions with energy that could be derived from solar or sustainable sources.

Set to appeal to avid Vespa followers, the new Elettrcia will have the same style, agility, ease of riding and riding pleasure as the Vespa has always been. It will sport modern electric technology even as charge time and range has not been revealed.


Piaggio has not disclosed much information about the new Vespa Elettrica but has stated that they are working closely with industry leading companies to bring in the latest in technology for creating electric scooters. The company has started to develop electric mobility in the seventies and the MP3 Hybrid was the first hybrid scooter launched.

Vespa is one of the brands of scooters most recognized in the world and the new Vespa Elettrica enters at a time when the world is moving towards lesser vehicular emissions and more efficient means of transportation.