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VIP and his daughter bullying a Sardarji on Activa at a traffic signal – Video

Even if there is a red light at a traffic signal, commuters should be alert to give way to so-called VIPs. That seems like the norm with some of the VIPs who want to abuse power.

If you do not give them way, these idiots will have the audacity to get out of their car and force you out of the way. If that is not enough, their mannerless daughter also joins the circus. That is what exactly happened recently at a traffic signal in Sector 57, New Delhi.

 The VIP in blue t-shirt, threatening sardarji.

The episode was caught on camera wherein a VIP belonging to the Samajwadi Party threatened a Sardarji on Honda Activa, who did not allow him to pass ahead at a traffic signal despite there being a red light. He got out of his vehicle and was seen arguing and threatening the Sardarji to move out of the way, so that his SUV can go ahead, breaking traffic rule.

Prashant Sharma, who was in a cab waiting at the same signal, was recording the incident on his phone. The daughter of the VIP noticed this. The arrogant daughter comes in front of Prashant and starts questioing that why is he recording. She then goes ahead and calls her father, who then comes to argue with Prashant as well. This resulted in Prashant stopping the recording and hiding the phone.

Prashant was saved by his cab driver, who swerved away from the incident. The video has been shared on social media and has already reecived over 1.5 million views.

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