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Vmoto Electric Scooter Fleet Concept F01 Debuts – 90 Kms Range

Vmoto Fleet 01 Concept Electric Scooter
Vmoto Fleet 01 Concept Electric Scooter

EVs manufactured by Vmoto Soco Group are expected to be launched in India via partnership with Bird Group

Vmoto Soco Group, a collaborative entity combining Perth-based Vmoto and China-based Super Soco, has set up ambitious plans to launch their electric vehicles across the globe. At EICMA 2021, the company has unveiled Vmoto Fleet Concept F01, which will primarily cater to B2B segment. Vmoto already has several B2B-focused EVs in its portfolio. It includes VS1 electric scooter, VS2 light vehicle and an electric three-wheeler named VS3.

Vmoto Electric Scooter Fleet F01 details

Looking at the design, it’s evident that Vmoto Fleet Concept F01 has been specially build to meet B2B transportation needs. It has a minimalistic design and appears capable of carrying decent amount of load. The flat floorboard can support a wide variety of cargo. The scooter could also hold cargo at the back with the use of specialized accessories such as racks.

Another key feature is 16-inch front and 14-inch rear wheels. This will allow the scooter to effortlessly negotiate a wide variety of urban terrain. Seat height has been purposefully kept low at 785mm to ensures a lower centre of gravity.

It will allow riders to have better control of the scooter even when it’s loaded with cargo. Even shorter individuals are unlikely to face any issues in terms of having their feet firmly planted on the ground while using the scooter.

Vmoto Fleet 01 Concept Electric Scooter
Vmoto Fleet 01 Concept Electric Scooter

Vmoto Fleet Concept F01 utilizes a 2000-Watt electric motor, sufficient for urban requirements. On a full charge, the scooter can travel up to 90km. However, speed will be limited to 45 kmph. Recharging time from 0 to 100% is around 6 hours. Suspension system comprises standard telescopic forks at front and swingarm rear suspension. In terms of safety, the scooter is equipped with combined braking system (CBS).

Although it’s a load carrier, Vmoto Fleet Concept F01 is also pretty attractive. It has smooth, aerodynamic panels that ensure a sophisticated look and feel. Other key features include sleek headlamp, unique U-shaped DRL and ergonomically placed handlebar. The scooter is likely to be equipped with a fully digital instrument console.

Vmoto Fleet Concept F01 India launch

Vmoto Soco Group is yet to start their innings in Indian market. As part of their collaboration with Bird Electric Mobility, part of Bird Group, the EVs will be rebranded in India. For example, the first Vmoto EV that could be launched here is SuperSoco CUx. It will be sold as Bird ES1+. It is expected to be priced at around Rs 50,000 (ex-showroom). Later, Bird Group could also introduce rebadged version of SuperSoco CUmini.

Based on market response, Bird Group may introduce more rebadged versions  of SuperSoco EVs in India. The company is likely to focus first on commuter segment before venturing into commercial EV space. It means that Vmoto Fleet Concept F01 may not be available here anytime soon. It is likely to be launched first in European countries.

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