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Volkswagen and Ford are open to explore a Strategic Alliance

As demands of consumers evolve rapidly, automakers are trying to partner-up at global levels to keep-up with the expectations of their potential customers. The latest to join the partnership bandwagon are Ford and Volkswagen, two of the largest automotive manufacturers across the globe.

As per the latest reports, Volkswagen and Ford are exploring an alliance through which they will explore possibilities of development and production of commercial vehicles, including vans and potentially other projects which can improve the individual competitiveness of both the companies.

At the moment, the two players have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) which will allow them to explore synergies between the two organisations. The companies clarified that the alliance will not involve any equity arrangements or cross ownership stakes.

Globally, Ford’s trucks & pickups are considered to be iconic and the F-Series happens to be a best-selling vehicle in the U.S. market. In India, Ford and Volkswagen, both haven’t ventured into the commercial vehicles segment as of yet, and the chances of a future expansion into the segment seems highly unlikely.

Earlier, Toyota and Suzuki had tied up globally in a similar alliance which will potentially lead to cross-badged products for the Indian markets, amongst other developments.

Additionally, Ford India and Mahindra had also recently partnered-up and they intend to co-develop 2 new SUVs and share electric vehicle technology & connected car solutions for their future products.


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