Volkswagen Group technology overhaul during 2012 to reduce production cost and assembly time

Though profits play a major role and is the ultimate goal for any auto company, the need to make certain advancements in technology is also of prime importance.  This is exactly what Volkswagen Group will be concentrating on during 2012.

Volkswagen will be investing in making these advancements in technology and have announced that they will be moving towards parts sharing expansion across the Volkswagen range of small and compact vehicles.  This strategy would ensure better savings in the long run.  This new technology would help the company in construction of over 3.5 million vehicles right from the small and compact Polo to the Volkswagen Passat besides saving the company a great deal of money.

These advanced technological changes would be seen at Volkswagen Plants in Wolfburg, Zwichau and Ingolstadt and will enable the company to reduce their production costs by 20% while at the same time decreasing the assembly time by 30%. While opting for these changes and advancement in technology, Volkswagen deliveries continue to increase across the globe and have reached a record of 8.3 million cars during 2011 while VW hopes to reach sales targets of 10 million by 2018.

Volkswagen AG is all set to bring in new strategies of technology during the current year.  The company will need to invest a great deal of money in the pursuit of new and improved technologies during the current year despite the fact that it might cost them where profits are concerned. Volkswagen profits during 2011 stood at €11.30 billion and it is their endeavor to match those figures during the current year as well.  Revenue stood at €159.3 billion during 2011 and the company is confident of surpassing that figure during 2012 and 2013.

VW is expanding their parts sharing strategy across their small and medium range of vehicles which is sure to result in a great deal of savings.  This parts sharing strategy which will be seen in VW’s Audi and Skoda division will reduce costs by 20% and assembly time by 30% which will pave the way for Volkswagen to become the largest auto manufacturer in the world by 2018.  Volkswagen is also planning on bringing in 40 new models which will further cement their position as world auto leaders in the coming years.