2015 Volkswagen Polo with 1.8 TSI 190 PS being planned for India?

In India, Polo is currently offered in three trims – Polo, Polo GT and Polo Cross. Most powerful of them being the GT TDI, generating 105 PS and 250 Nm torque. Above this, if you want a hot hatch, you don’t really have any option.

2015 polo gti india
2015 Volkswagen Polo GTi with 1.8l TSI petrol offering 190 PS

It has now emerged that Volkswagen India is planning to launch new powerful variants of the Polo. Not much details have been revealed, but the company could launch the European Polo GT with 150 hp, or the top of the line Polo GTI 1.8l turbo 189 hp with manual gearbox. Both these variants are now on sale in Europe, and importing them as CBU should not be a problem, as both these engines have been homologated for sale in India.

If launched, these super-powerful Polo hatchbacks are expected to cost above Rs 17 lakhs. This puts it in the range of Fiat Abarth 500, which is expected to be launched in India this year.

With luxury hatchbacks Mercedes A Class and B Class performing well in India, there surely is a market for expensive hatchbacks. Earlier report on Rush Lane confirmed that Fiat India is also working on powerful variants of Punto hatchback and Avventura. These will be called Abarth Punto and Abarth Avventura.

There are quite a few car buyers in India who would love to upgrade to a powerful hatchback, instead of upgrading to a less powerful bigger car (mostly a sedan or an SUV). With Volkswagen and Fiat planning some hot hatches for India, future does look bright for the hot hatch fans in the country.

via Autocar India