Volkswagen India says ‘The safety of our customers is of utmost priority to us’: Vento car fire death case

When a Volkswagen Vento burst into flames in Pune at the end of January, the owner who was at the wheel was pulled out to safety by those passing by. Despite the valiant effort in saving him then, Kailash Gupta had sustained serious burn injuries and battled them for the next week at Surya Hospital where he breathed his last this week. When Volkswagen was contacted, a spokesperson had this to say, ‘Our dealer is in close contact with the family’.

He added, ‘The safety of our customers is of utmost priority to us’. VW being a relatively new car brand in India has been making quite a mark in the Indian auto market, and the Vento sedan fire is an isolated incident. It’s now left to be seen if, and how this incident affects Vokswagen. With incidents of cars (varying auto brands) catching fire, and a host of other auto related complaints on a rise, a policy on recalls and lemon laws shouldn’t be too much to ask for in the next few years.

The burnt Vento vehicle had being picked up by Volkswagen for further investigation, and the Deccan Gymkhana police are baffled why anyone would point a finger to such a procedure. In simple words, what will they do with a burnt car. The police will act upon the report submitted by VW. As per the VW Spokesperson, ‘Our technical experts are investigating’. Of course such procedures do take a certain amount of time, and it would be fair to say, that everyone involved with the case is waiting for the report.

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