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A scooter that weighs 11 kgs, meet Volkswagen Last Mile Surfer

Volkswagen Last Miler Surfer is a three wheeled electric scooter that launches in a new segment. Unveiled in the UK on Friday, the vehicle is so named as it comes to the rescue when parking space is difficult to find. The user can park at a distance and traverse the last mile on this three wheeled electric scooter and not have to rely on any form of public transport.

Volkswagen Last Mile Surfer is confirmed for launch in 2016 at a price tag of less than 1,000 Euros.

With its operations similar to the Segway, Volkswagen Last Mile Surfer is foldable and compact. It runs solely on electricity while torque is offered through an electric motor powered by a lithium ion battery. The company claims a battery range of 19.95 km.

Sales of Last Miler Surfer are set to commence in Europe sometime in 2016 with prices under € 1,000 (INR 70,000/US$1,500). Weighing just 24 pounds, the Last Miler Surfer fits into the trunk of a car and when deployed, a control arm rises from the centre allowing the driver to control both speed and direction. No top speed has been detailed which in all probability will not be faster than walking speed.

Volkswagen Last Mile Surfer weighs just 11 kgs.

Showcased in a series of official photos, the Last Mile Surfer electric scooter is currently under development while suggestions indicate that it will be the same name that will be carried forward to the production version as well. While Volkswagen is testing the Last Mile Surfer, Toyota is also currently testing the Winglet rideable robot which could also launch in markets sometime in 2016.

Volkswagen Last Mile Surfer is very easy to use and has a range of almost 20 kms.
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