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Volkswagen ERL gives heads up in new technologies for upcoming cars

Unlike the latter (which doesn’t send out press releases), the German carmaker has listed all new innovations that will feature in upcoming models of the Group.

Volkswagen reveals advanced technologies that will be found in upcoming cars from the group.

Here is a simple list of technologies / systems Volkswagen has developed for future variants:

Mild hybrid technology shuts off TSI/TDI (meaning petrol or diesel engine) when it is not being used, that is similar to micro-hybrid technology implemented in several models already.

Stop-start 2.0 is also part of mild hybrid technology by which engine shuts off at speeds below 7 kmph (considering the car is about to halt at a parking spot or red light), and also during high speeds when foot from throttle is removed.

New 2.0 litre TDI engine with 240 PS max power, which in bi-turbo Passat delivers 18.86 kmpl mileage.

New 2.0 litre TDI motor with 272 PS output, that works with bi-turbo and electric booster.

New 10-speed DSG unit that is capable of handling peak torque of 550 Nm.

Lightweight design with lightweight panels that has sandwich construction from motorsport.

Infrared-reflecting dashboard with pigments that reject heat, to help maintain cooler cabin temperature.

Low-E glass sunroof that gets oxide film to block infrared radiation.

Range manager that aids maximum range in Auto mode.

Air conditioning in electric cars that is extremely efficient as it works based on need.

Volkswagen Car-Net that brings online services into the car.

“Security & Service” that keeps vehicle status always informed.

App Connect that welcomes “Apple CarPlay” and “Android Auto”.

Volkswagen Media Control that enables tablet control via app in the car.

Predictive navigation as the first navigation system that “learns”.

Personalisation that offers ability to maintain individual settings at all times.

Easy Open that is open sesame 2.0.

Easy Close that is found in Passat Estate which closes automatically.

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