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Volvo Excellence Child Seat Concept takes child safety and comfort to new level

Volvo Child Seat Concept XC90
Volvo Child Seat Concept XC90

Always ahead when it comes to developing innovative safety measures inside a car, Excellence Child Seat Concept is yet another innovation from Volvo.

A swivel child seat concept that can pivot counter clockwise and locked into rear facing position has been showcased by Volvo as a new safety concept.

Volvo Child Seat Concept XC90

Volvo Child Seat Concept aboard the new XC90 Excellence.

This new child seat not only makes it easier for parents but also safe for children. Volvo ascertains that forward facing child seats could pose a problem for children between the ages of 3 or 4 due to the disproportionate size of a child’s head along with lack of muscular strength in the neck.

Following launch of Volvo XC90 Excellence with Lounge Console Concept in Shanghai, Volvo has showcased Excellence Child Seat Concept offering three key benefits.

Volvo Cars’ design team, headed by Tisha Johnson, Chief Designer of Interiors at the Volvo Cars Concept and Monitoring Centre have listed out the benefits of rear facing seat concept which offers better ergonomics and comforts. It allows the child to have eye contact with driver or rear passenger while the seat also offers better storage facilities for storing diapers, bottles, wipes and other necessities required while travelling with a baby on board.

Volvo Child Seat Concept XC90

This new concept allows you to keep an eye on the child in a much easier manner, whether you are driving or are sitting in the rear.

By introducing Excellence Child Seat Concept, Volvo wants to ensure that on board luxuries are not just limited to individuals but also to families who travel with small children on board. This is not the first time that Volvo has showcased world’s first rear facing child seat prototype as it was in 1964 that the company’s PV544 sported the same.

Volvo Excellence Child Seat Concept – Video

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    It’s all good, except the child in that position is likely to distract the driver a lot.