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VW dieselgate – Owners of affected cars to get USD 1000 gift vouchers

In an attempt at regaining the trust of its customers which was lost in the VW dieselgate, the auto giant has announced an offer for the US customers of the affected diesel vehicles. The offer which involves two gift vouchers of USD 500 each (a total amount of around INR 66,120) can be availed by owners of 4,82,000 VW and Audi cars in the US which are powered by EA189 2.0-litre TDI motor with the defeat device.

The four-cylinder engine is found to have a defeat device which results in emission of 10-40 times more NOx than allowed by EPA (Environmental Protection Agency). While an approved fix is yet to be unveiled, the gift voucher is expected to pacify the disgruntled customers.

The gift vouchers are applicable for the affected diesel models from Audi and VW in the US. [Image: India-spec Audi A4]The first USD 500 Visa gift voucher can be used anywhere while the second voucher can be used at the authorized dealerships for regular maintenance, new tyres, engine oil change and accessories. This voucher can also be used as a part of down payment for a new car. The offer also includes free roadside assistance for three years.

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This offer is in addition to the existing offer of USD 2,000 exchange bonus on affected cars. The combined USD 3,000 benefits would off set the loss of VW diesel cars’ auction value in the US (dropped by 16% according to Kelly Blue Book). It is to be noted that customers can avail the gift vouchers without signing any agreement giving up their right to sue VW.

Meanwhile, VW India is currently being subjected to a probe by ARAI.

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