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VW Taigun Owner Installs Thermometer On AC Vent – 32 Degrees C Hot Air

Apart from Taigun, users of Kushaq and Slavia have also reported similar issues with their AC

Volkswagen Taigun AC issues
Volkswagen Taigun AC issues

As part of their India 2.0 strategy, Skoda-Volkswagen are doing pretty well in terms of sales. Cars like Kushaq, Taigun and Slavia have emerged as popular options in their respective segments. However, recent reviews indicate that several users are facing issues with the AC.

This applies largely to variants of Kushaq, Taigun and Slavia that have the 1.0-litre petrol motor. As evidence, an owner of a brand new Taigun has shared a video that details the issues with the AC.

VW Taigun AC issue

As reported earlier by owners of Skoda-VW cars, the AC issue occurs when the vehicle is crawling at a slow speed. It happens every time the car has to negotiate through heavy traffic. When moving at low revs, the compressor trips off and temperature starts to rise. In the video, the Taigun owner has demonstrated the AC issue with the help of a digital temperature meter.

Sensor of the digital thermometer is placed directly above the AC vent to ensure that it accurately records the temperature. It is to note that the actual temperature inside the car will always be higher, as compared to what the digital thermometer shows. The owner starts driving on an open stretch of road, where Taigun’s AC works perfectly fine. The temperature meter displays a reading of around 15 degrees Celsius.

To describe the AC issue in the easiest manner possible, the owner takes the car on a busy road. As the car crawls slowly in bumper to bumper traffic and as gears are frequently changed, the AC compressor starts to trip off. As a result, the AC starts to get warmer to the point when it actually starts blowing hot air.

From a cool 15 degrees Celsius on open roads, the temperature increases to over 32 degrees Celsius at a certain point of time in busy traffic. Later when the Taigun is taken back to an open road, the AC starts functioning normally. The AC also functions normally when the car is idling. Till date, there have been several reports of AC issues with Skoda-VW cars. However, this is the first time the problem has been described in such a lucid manner. It makes things really clear, as to the real nature of the problem.

Unsupportive customer care

Another disappointment for Taigun owner is that Volkswagen customer support hasn’t been able to provide any real help in the matter. He has alleged that the customer care simply stops responding to emails. As for the service centre, they too have failed to provide any useful solution. The best they have done is add more refrigerant in the compressor. However, the AC issue continues.

What exactly is causing the AC issue has not been identified. Some users say that the problem could be due to the small capacity 1.0-litre engine. Other users opine that it could be an issue with the car’s ECU. However, there is no official confirmation on this. Hopefully, this video will reach decision makers and a permanent solution can be devised.

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