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Was is das problem: Greenpeace hails Volkswagen as Europe’s dirtiest carmakers

After receiving condemnation from Greenpeace on their eco policy and being declared as “Europe’s dirtiest carmakers” in a recent attack by Greenpeace, Volkswagen has not had to go out of their way to make their stance clear.

Volkswagen has declared that by the year 2015, their cars will emit less than 120 gms of carbon per kilometer and utilize 5.2 liters of fuel per 100 kms, while their 2020 plans are to ensure that their vehicles emit 95 gms carbon per kilometer. Increased investments are being pumped into improving efficiency of their vehicles and making their manufacturing plants greener and more eco friendly.

Volkswagen was singled out due to the fact that they are the largest auto makers in Europe and likely to exert greater influence. At the Frankfurt Motor Show last Fall, Volkswagen put up large logos of their brands in the display area only to have Greenpeace put up a giant banner saying ‘Not up! to date.” Up in the banner was in a different color directly pointing a finger at the Volkswagen Up!, the new fuel efficient car. Greenpeace declared that only one green and eco friendly product is not enough and the company should be more responsible and do much more to project itself as a fuel efficient, emission curtaining company in today’s auto markets.

It’s easy to be targeted for being the largest automaker in Europe, which entails great responsibility. However, truth points to the fact that going green in the quickest possible time isn’t just VW’s onus. While the VW Group is making rapid changes with BlueMotion, it isn’t possible for the company to leave all else and introduce the tech across its entire fleet right away. The bone of contention points to economies of scale. While on the one hand it can be argued that if BlueMotion technology was introduced in every VW Group vehicle, it would result in economies of scale thereby keeping car prices at affordable, the notion is not one that can be implemented at full scale rightaway.

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