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Woman says her cab driver harassed, abused her – Driver shares recorded video from the trip

The episode of comedian Mallika Dua being abused by her Uber driver is going viral on social media. This is what the comedian had posted on her Facebook recently.

“Uber India is the most vile organisation to exist. They don’t check their drivers profiles before hiring them and seem to learn NOTHING from their mistakes. This driver Chetan brought the car to a screeching halt and asked me to get out of the car when I asked him to increase the air conditioning. Yes OVER THE AC TEMPERATURE. He ended the trip and said “uttar gaadi se. Nahi badhaunga AC. Uber Tum logon ko ad mein kuch bhi dikhaata hai ki apna gaadi samjho. Aisa kuch nahi” we got into a very heated argument where I yelled my guts out at him screaming How battameez he is and how I will take action and he said “nikkal tu gaadi se bhenchod” and started to drive off with me still in the car. When I screamed and asked him to stop he asked me to get out again and started screaming bhenchod saali madarchod out in the open. I can afford a car and a driver in this city. What about those who don’t have that option? Are they supposed to put themselves at risk each time they order a cab? THESW are our successful startups? My ass. HOW THE FUCK does a multinational company like UBER have NO customer care/ point of contact in India? I’m shivering right now in broad daylight. If anyone has any contacts at the elusive bloody Uber, do let me know.”

Logically thinking, why would a driver react in the claimed manner when a customer asks to increase the AC? Anyways, the driver has now been suspended by Uber. Probably Uber never even heard to what the driver had to say. The question here is not who is wrong or who is right. In fact, in such cases, how can one prove who is wrong and who is right.

Just recently, a cab driver of Ola managed to save himself from a similar allegation. A woman had alleged that the driver was rude. She also claimed that the driver abused and harassed her. But, that was not the case. The driver proved his innocence by showing a video of what had actually happened that day in the cab.

Yes. The driver had secretly recorded the entire incident. And it is shocking how the woman had turned the tables around and became a victim herself. If the driver had not shot this video, he too would have been fired from his job without any explanation or reason. Watch the video below.

We are not saying that all cases are same. With more and more people using services like Ola and Uber, conflict between drivers and passengers are on the rise. In most cases, it is the driver who is claimed to be at fault. But not all drivers are same. Some are genuinely out there to do their bit and earn a living.

How can the one prove his / her innocence when they are alleged of any wrongdoing? Always listening to the customer’s side is not fair. Why not come up with a solution which will help both parties?

Taxi service providers can install a camera in their car, which has the driver as well as the passenger in frame. This camera has to be fixed and cannot be hampered with. The footage recorded can only be retrieved by the service provider and not the driver. Would that not be helpful in such cases?

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