Woman driving truck since 15 years in India – Educates daughter to be an Engineer

Yogita Raghuvanshi started driving trucks to help support her two children after her husband died in a road accident in 2003.

Yogita Raghuvanshi, 47 is a law graduate but remained a housewife taking care of her two children. When her husband, who was also a lawyer and owned a truck business, suddenly died in 2003, she had no means of supporting her family.

At that time, her daughter was 8 years of age and her son just 4 years old. It was then that she decided to go out and earn a living.

Yogita started work as an assistant at a boutique but then decided to take over the family’s truck business. All efforts to hire suitable drivers for the trucks proved futile and brought in more problems for her to handle.

She then decided to learn driving. Having procured her license in 2004, she now drives all the trucks by herself. She also makes interstate trips, sleeps and cooks inside the truck and uses public toilets along the route as she delivers the goods.

Being a woman driver on the highway is no easy task. Yogita has often complained of receiving threats, being attacked by three men on the highway where she had to fight them off and finds difficulty when she has to carry perishable items and has to drive through the night. If she does feel sleepy, she stops by a roadside petrol station for a quick nap.

Yogita is an inspiration to hundreds and thousands of Indian women. She has steered her truck for the past 15 years across Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu and Maharashtra. She tackles threats on the road wearing a turban and putting her collar up. Her efforts have paid off and she has funded her daughter through college and she is now an engineer while her son is still in college.