How to get your Evoque out if blocked by Jaguar XJ, angry Chinese woman has an answer (Video)

It happens to us almost every morning. You rush to your car intending not to be late for office but only to find out that some idiot has parked his/her vehicle in such a way that you couldn’t take yours out of the parking lot.

Our first reaction would be to teach a lesson to that idiot driver by inflicting maximum damage to his/her vehicle but common sense usually prevails and we end up sticking a note on the windshield at best. This angry women driver from China, however, lost it completely when she found a Jaguar XF blocking her private parking lot.

As the video shows, she gave in to the initial reaction of wanting to damage the double parked car. The furious lady didn’t even bother damaging her car in the process.

As you can see, the Jaguar was parked senselessly but the women rams her Range Rover Evoque into it repeatedly in an attempt to make room for her exist. Not surprisingly, the activity attracted a huge crowd of people who promptly started recording the proceedings on their mobile phone rather than trying to reason with the enraged woman.

Crazy Woman raming into double parked Jaguar XF
As you can see, the Jaguar was parked senselessly but the road rage was an overkill.

It’s reported that the owner of the ill-parked Jaguar came back only after several hours. The unidentified woman has been booked for destruction of property.

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