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Yamaha FZ-X Modified Adventure Motorcycle Is Off Road Ready

Looking at this FZ-X Off-Road version, it begs the question if this is what FZ-X should have been from day one

Zero Customs Modded Yamaha FZ-X
Zero Customs Modded Yamaha FZ-X

Do you want an affordable Japanese ADV? Well, get in line, because there are a lot of us that want to see something like that happen. One might say that Honda CB200X exists. When we compared that to Hero XPulse, an actual ADV, it falls short in capability. Credits where credits due, It is an absolute looker, though.

From Suzuki, we have V-Strom 250 SX, which does a far better job than CB200X by offering at least one mechanical change over its Gixxer platform. Change in the form of a 19” front alloy wheel that will slightly enhance the trailing experience. Yamaha has been mum about this segment till now.

Yamaha FZ-X Off-Road Version Spotted

Seen in front of a Yamaha dealership, is an off-road version of FZ-X commuter. Before a chocolate laddu explodes in your mind, this is not a production-spec model. We apologise for bursting your short-lived bubble. It is what it is. Yamaha has kept most of its global products away from India. That being said, this tempting bike seems to be from Yamaha’s customisation challenge from last year.

This was done by Zero Customs. There’s another custom bike standing in front of it. Only its tail is visible which pays tribute to classic bikes of yesteryear. It has a clean tail section and gets ribbed tyres that exude a classic bike feel.

Zero Customs Modded Yamaha FZ-X
Zero Customs Modded Yamaha FZ-X

Hardware-wise, it gets a lot of bits from actual ADVs like Royal Enfield Himalayan and Hero XPulse 200. Himalayan’s tail-section is immediately recognisable. It gets Himalayan’s seats, taillights, grab-rail, rear fender and more. This Yamaha FZ-X Off-Road version is a far cry from what it originally was when it comes to off-road capability. Right off the bat, it gets wire-spoke wheels shod with knobby off-road tyres. Wheel sizes aren’t known, but we wouldn’t be surprised if it was the exact same wheels as XPulse or Himalayan.

Suspension has been given an upgrade. Looking at the ground clearance, we can say for sure that it is far more lifted than what Yamaha originally intended. Suspension unit seems to be borrowed from XPulse as the front forks look similar. Speaking of front, FZ-X’s projector headlight setup is retained and now gets a windscreen that is from a Himalayan.

Off-Road Hardware

Yamaha FZ-X Off-Road version retains its fuel tank which adds a lot of muscle. Front fenders, side body panels and handlebar look like they’re custom. We can also spot a tubular frame on either side of its headlight. This is designed to hold the headlight unit as it doesn’t turn with the handlebar. Just like a Himalayan.

Yamaha FZ-X Off-Road Spotted
Yamaha FZ-X Off-Road Spotted

Engine is likely to be stock. However, exhaust isn’t. It is a custom job to reroute exhaust from under the seat. Side saddles complete the look of an ADV. Finished off in a tangy orange shade, Yamaha FZ-X Off-Road version looks ravishing.

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