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Yamaha FZ25 ownership review – A Gentleman’s Ride (5,000 kilometres)

The Second service is over. The ODO reads 5,000 kilometers now. And it’s time to pen down ownership review about the new Yamaha FZ25 – A Gentleman in the sub 250cc segment. Yes you read that right ‘A Gentleman’.

My story and the love affair behind getting this Yamaha:

Since 2013 I had owned 3 Yamaha’s including FZ25. The first one was FZ16, Second R15S and FZ25 is the latest one. After riding FZ16 for almost 21000 kms I was bored of the power. Then came the major maintenance time. As the Clutch plates, Chains and Tires started showing the sign of wear and tear. This was my first bike and had couple of accidents too. In October 2015, I heard about R15s getting launched and it had better top end power. This was a single seater version of R15 V2.0. It still remains to be one of the most gorgeous looking bike in its segment. And Oh boy!! it was a fantastic highway and track machine. No vibes till it red-lined at 10,500 rpm.

I remember doing Hassan – Bangalore in 2.3 hours keeping the bike at 8500-9000 rpm and the engine begged to be revved more. But off-late, it started giving regular pain on my neck as I had to ride 70% in Bangalore horrible traffic and bumpy roads. Then heard about FZ25 coming in. Showrooms had the bike only by Feb end. The moment I saw in Flesh I went for it. Took a test ride and booked. I have always been a fan of build quality and reliability of Yamaha, although it doesn’t offer much power on paper, It outshines in the real world condition. Now before I prove myself a diehard Yamaha fanboy let me start the review of FZ25.

I have done 3 long rides on it other than regular local commutes:

– Bangalore – Sathyamangalam – Kotagiri – Ooty – Bangalore (700Kms approx.)
– Bangalore – Idduki – Thekkady -Munnar -Bangalore (1350 km approx.)
– Bangalore – Kukke Subramanya – Coorg – Channarayapatna – Bangalore (670Km approx.)

A Smiling face!

Things observed till now.

– The bike performs well in all condition. Broken roads, twisties, traffic, highways. No complaint of bottoming out even riding tandem.
– The bike has got a tried and tested engine of Dual sport bike Yamaha Tenere250/XT250 and shows with the grunt while revving the engine. (top speed -142-144 kmph/9000rpm)
– Design is sublime and looks settled. Headlight design and the size of the bike simply makes it looks like a Cheetah at rest.
– Exhaust note is bassy and gives a free flowing sound.
– Instrument panel is neat but sorely misses the gear position.

Coming down to the pros and cons:


– The most important thing should come first: Yes! The Torque which Yamaha boast in the advertisement of FZ25. It’s just 20NM but kicks in very early and maxes out at 6000rpm. You can literally overtake anything even in 5th gear at 60 kmph to 130kmph.
– The big rear sprocket is the key to acceleration.
– Good ergonomics, Mix of sporty as well as tourer.
– Big fuel tank of 14 Litre with a minimum of 470 kms of tested range.
– MRF tires are grippy in all weather.
– 250 cc is less stressed and can do 110-115 kmph all day.
– Even riding with Pillion you don’t feel any lag in power output.
– The dual throttle set-up like FZ07 and its response is accurate and predictable. You can feel the minute level of twist and the output of power.
– Doesn’t feels out of breathe even at high rev range.
– A constant Mileage between 36-38kmpl. (Great for a 250cc!)
– No heating issue, Air cooled engine with Oil cooler performs well.


– There is a coin ringing sound at around 5000 rpm and goes off after 6000 rpm. (Service guys don’t have any clue on this)
– The headlight design looks good only in Photographs and at standstill but the beam throw even after adjustment is just manageable. Need an Aux light set up for night highway rides.
– The quality is good but not close to my R15 S/V2.0. The O2 sensor wire and engine heat detection coupler are exposed. (My expectations were high).
– No ABS
– Front brakes are not sharp.
– Only three color options! Should have offered like that of MT series.
– No LED blinkers.
– Less BHP for a 250cc.
– Being a long stroke engine the bike gives a little buzz across the rev range.


So is it worth INR 1.4 lakhs? Surely if you want something mature, believe in less fussy electronics but high on reliability and performance with low maintenance (5,000 km service interval). If you want something which can meet all your needs this is one of the few bikes currently available at an affordable price with international branding. It can be Hooligan when tempted as well can get your everyday grocery.

Sometimes you need a bike which helps you maintain a low profile but inside the core of heart you know how fantastic performer it is. It brings a grin on your face whenever you swing your leg over it. You can make your girlfriend feel special as a pillion as well your wife in a saree. Give it a corner and it leans like a pro! On a bad patch it glides and keeps you at home. And for tourers like me, yes it’s definitely a Yes with its14 Liters mile munching capability and a bassy engine pumping a meaty torque which is just a twist away.

Service cost so far:

1st and 2nd free service INR 1,000/- each (Oil/oil filter change, Tappet adjustment and General check-up)

Accessories fitted:

Hazard switch, Mobile charger cum Holder, Aux LED lights of 10W X 2.


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