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Yamaha Sales Breakup May 2022 – FZ, MT15, R15, RayZR, Fascino

Yamaha Motor India reports total sales gain in May 2022; Exports and domestic sales growth reported

2022 Yamaha MT15 Yellow
Yamaha MT15

Yamaha Motor India finds itself at the bottom of the sales list where mainstream 2W manufacturers are concerned. May 2022 domestic sales are reported at 44,907 units. No doubt, the company reports sales growth but a low sales base from a year earlier is the reason why. In May 2021, multiple limitations were placed across the country to check the spread of Covid-10.

This resulted in limited production as well as limited sales. With shops shut for business, in store sales were reduced to a slow trickle. With things looking a lot more favourable this year, manufacturers are noticing sales recovery. In May 2021, domestic sales were reported at 8,508 units. Volume gain stands at 36,399 units.

Yamaha Sales Breakup May 2022

Interestingly, exports dynamics too are vastly changed. Though domestic market sales aren’t helping with accolades, exports have in fact improved. Last month they stood at 23,574 units. Up from 17,512 units YoY at volume gain of 6,062 units. Exports account for a third of total sales. YoY total sales is up at 68,481units from 26,020 units.

In the domestic and export market, FZ stands atop the sales chart. Sales in India are reported at just over 15k units, up from 3k units YoY. RayZR sales rose to 8,845 units from 1,060 units. MT15 sales are reported at 7,584 units, up from 1,344 units. R15 followed close at 7,120 units, up from 2,132 units.

Yamaha India Sales May 2022 vs May 2021 (YoY)
Yamaha India Sales May 2022 vs May 2021 (YoY)

Fascino scooter sales are reported at 5,584 units, up from 824 units. FZ25 sales are up at 706 units from 140 units. In the YoY domestic sales chart, all two-wheelers showed improvement. Earlier this month, product price hike was announced.

Yamaha India Sales May 2022
Yamaha India Sales May 2022

Yamaha India exports May 2022

FZ exports lead at 9042 units. Followed by YD125 at 2,850 units. The next three entries follow closely – RayZR at 2,720 units, FZ25 at 2,370 units, and Crux at 2,166 units. Crux is reported at a sharp decline, down from almost 6k units. SZ exports are reported at 1,544 units, and R15 at 1,378 units. Saluto exports stood at 852 units, MT15 at 540 units, and Alpha at 112 units.

MoM domestic sales improved at a marginal 2.14 percent. Up from 43,968 units in the domestic market. Volume gain stood at 939 units. MoM FZ sales fell from 16,508 units. RayZR sales were up from 5,778 units. MT15 sales are down from 9,228 units. So is R15, down from 7948 units. Fascino sales gained, up from 3,896 units. FZ25 sales rose from 610 units.

Yamaha India Sales May 2022 vs Apr 2022 (MoM)
Yamaha India Sales May 2022 vs Apr 2022 (MoM)

MoM exports are down from 27,263 units. Volume loss stood at 3,689 units at 13.53 percent decline. FZ exports fell by more than a third, down from 14,092 units. YD15 exports are up from 1.8k units. RayZR exports fell by 11 percent, down from 3,064 units. FZ25 exports more than doubled at 1,118 units. The domestic sales data however doesn’t include numbers of Aerox 155 yet. For now, this data is unavailable at source.

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