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ZF hilft educational project 100 Years – 100 Schools


Aimed at poverty stricken regions across the world ‘ZF hilft’ is the company initiative to build and expand 100 educational institutes in poverty stricken regions. Based on three pillars of Infrastructure, Quality and Mobility, “ZF hilft” will be conducted with ZF employees along with partners Foundation UNESCO – Education for Children in Need and World Bicycle Relief.

ZF hilft
ZF hilft

Besides expanding 100 educational institutes in selected poverty stricken areas, the children from 100 African villages will be presented with bicycles as mode of transport to these schools. ZF employees from across the globe have been asked to contribute to this cause which sees 72 million children having no access to education. The fund raising campaign by ‘ZF hilft’ also invites donations and contribution from the people so as to ensure that the aims and aspirations of the project are realized in a sustainable manner.

ZF Friedrichshafen centennial celebrations will be marked with ‘ZF hilft’ project with 72,000 ZF employees contributing for this purpose. Based on the three pillars, plans include 30 new schools in the slums and outskirts of Bangladesh, India, and Sierra Leone and 70 schools in China, Mexico, Nepal, Peru, and in the Philippines. To ensure quality of education “ZF hilft” will focus on offering educational training and will also provide teaching material. In keeping with the third initiative of Mobility, World Bicycle Relief a non profit organization will be offering sturdy bicycles to children in need at these 100 schools so as to allow them to reach school on time and in a stress free manner.