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Zyngo Electric Vehicles Battery Swapping Powered By Sun Mobility

Zyngo Electric Vehicles
Zyngo Electric Vehicles

A total of 500 Zyngo vehicles will use SUN Mobility Swap Points by the end of this year

A host of EV startups are coming up with offerings ranging from last mile delivery services to setting up battery swapping stations in a bid to enhance the dependence on electric power and boost growth in the EV sector. The electric vehicle market in India is expected to register sales of over the 63 lakh unit mark by 2027.

The Government of each state in India coming up with various initiatives to boost this growth. Some such Indian startups that have been revolutionizing the EV industry in India are Zypp Electric Mobility, Zyngo Mobility, Ather Energy and eBike Go.

Sun Mobility and Zyngo Join Hands

SUN Mobility, a Bengaluru based provider of universal energy infrastructure and services has entered into an alliance with Zyngo, is a hyperlocal delivery service catering to the needs of B2B and B2C consumers. Zyngo commenced operations in Jan 2020 and has since then partnered with various brands to provide last mile delivery.

The partnership was announced in the presence of the Chief Minister of Haryana, Manohar Lal Khattar. Under the terms of the agreement, Zyngo will depoy 500 vehicles linked to SUN Mobility swapping network by the end of this year.

Zyngo Electric Vehicles
Zyngo Electric Vehicles

For a start, 120 vehicles have been deployed in Gurugram, Delhi, Noida and Ghaziabad for last mile and middle mile delivery. The vehicles that will consist of e-loaders and carriers will use SUN Mobility Swap points in 2021 for its last mile delivery services.

Zyngo’s fleet of e-loaders and carriers will utilize SUN Mobility’s services through the network of battery swap points being offered at Indian Oil Corporation Ltd (IOCL) stations to boost last-mile delivery services.

Sun Mobility’s swapping solution

As per the terms of agreement, Zyngo vehicles powered by SUV Mobility’s swapping solutions will try to alleviate the key EV adoption challenges among which are high battery replacement costs, high battery maintenance charges and range anxieties along with charging time.

Systemic growth in Gurugram is being projected by the Government especially in terms of electric mobility. The Government of Haryana expects to reduce pollution levels and generate employment opportunities in the state and this alliance between SUN Mobility and Zyngo is a step in this direction in turning Gurugram into the Smartest City in the country.

Zyngo is the delivery partner for a host of e-commerce, FMCC, retail and pharma organizations. There has been a boom in e-commerce networks over the past 9-12 months causing a surge in last mile deliveries. Other players such has Amazon, Flipkart and Big Basket have also sought a shift towards electrifying their delivery fleet.

Prateek Rao, Founder and CEO of Zyngo spoke about this alliance with SUN Mobility in their bid to offer pollution free and seamless delivery services to their end customers. It is the company’s endeavor to become one of the leading EV logistics service providers in the last mile sector. SUN Mobility platform has powered over 1 lakh deliveries covering a total of 2 lakh plus emission free kms in association with Zyngo.

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