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Hyundai Sales Breakup Aug 2023 – Creta, Venue, Exter, Verna, Tucson

New Hyundai Creta 2023
New Hyundai Creta 2023

SUVs dominate the top 3 positions in the Hyundai India sales chart for Aug 2023 – Creta, Venue and Exter

Hyundai Motor India, one of the country’s leading automobile manufacturers, has once again showcased its dominance in the Indian automotive market with robust sales figures for the month of August 2023. The company reported a total of 53,830 units sold, marking an 8.73% year-on-year growth and a 6.17% month-on-month increase.

Hyundai Sales Breakup Aug 2023

Among the standout performers in Hyundai’s August sales were its popular SUV offerings, securing the top three positions on the sales charts. Creta compact SUV emerged as the best-seller with 13,832 units sold, representing a 9.98% growth compared to August 2022. Venue sub-compact SUV followed closely with 10,948 units sold, while the newly introduced Exter micro SUV made an impressive debut, recording 7,430 units sold, dominating the micro SUV segment.

Hyundai Sales Breakup Aug 2023
Hyundai Sales Breakup Aug 2023

Hyundai i10 Nios and i20 hatchbacks secured the fourth and fifth positions, respectively, with 7,306 and 4,896 units sold. Despite facing stiff competition in their respective segments, both models continue to maintain a strong customer base.

The sub-compact sedan Aura and the mid-size sedan Verna showed promising performances as well. Aura recorded 4,892 units sold, demonstrating an 11.74% growth, while Verna witnessed a remarkable 48.56% year-on-year growth with 2,576 units sold.

Hyundai Sales Breakup Aug 2023 vs Aug 2022 - YoY Performance
Hyundai Sales Breakup Aug 2023 vs Aug 2022 – YoY Performance

In mid-size SUV segment, Hyundai’s Alcazar and Tucson models faced challenges, but they still managed to secure their spots on the sales charts. Alcazar reported 1,493 units sold, while Tucson recorded 236 units sold. Hyundai’s commitment to sustainable mobility was also evident with the sales of electric vehicles (EVs). The Ioniq 5 and Kona EVs collectively accounted for 221 units sold in August, reaffirming the growing popularity of electric mobility in the Indian market.

Hyundai Sales Breakup Aug 2023 vs July 2023 - MoM Performance
Hyundai Sales Breakup Aug 2023 vs July 2023 – MoM Performance

Month on Month performance

Comparing the August 2023 figures to the previous month, we see a few interesting trends. While the Creta maintained its top position with 13,832 units sold, it experienced a slight dip of 1.64% compared to July 2023. On the other hand, Venue saw an 8.81% month-on-month growth, indicating its strong appeal to Indian consumers. Exter micro SUV also recorded an increase, with 430 additional units sold compared to July.

Hyundai’s hatchbacks, including the i10 Nios, i20, and Aura, displayed varying trends. While i10 Nios saw an impressive month-on-month growth of 36.89%, the i20 experienced a slight decline of 2.10%. Aura, however, showed a steady month-on-month growth of 8.37%.

Verna faced a month-on-month decline of 9.87%, with 282 fewer units sold in August compared to July. Conversely, the Alcazar showed a positive trend with a 3.47% increase in sales Ioniq 5 and Kona, also experienced growth, with 4.00% and 51.67% month-on-month increases, respectively.

Hyundai’s continued success in the Indian market can be attributed to its diverse product portfolio, including SUVs, hatchbacks, sedans, and electric vehicles. The company’s focus on innovation and sustainability aligns with the evolving preferences of Indian consumers. With the festive season approaching, Hyundai is poised to capitalize on the growing demand in the Indian automotive market and further strengthen its position as a leader in the industry.

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