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Grand Vitara AVAS Tech Launched for Safety – Hush No More at Rs 4K More

Maruti Grand Vitara AVAS Launched
Maruti Grand Vitara AVAS Launched

Only Intelligent Hybrid variants with Maruti Grand Vitara AVAS tech will get a Rs. 4,000 price hike

Maruti Suzuki has launched AVAS tech in Grand Vitara compact SUV. AVAS abbreviates to Acoustic Vehicle Alerting System. This is a pedestrian protection system that carmakers implement with their hybrid and electric vehicles.

Said AVAS equipped Grand Vitara Intelligent Hybrid variants now cost Rs. 4,000 more than before. All Smart Hybrid mild hybrid variants’ pricing remains as is. Only the Intelligent Hybrid variants get AVAS tech and Maruti Suzuki hasn’t mentioned whether or not existing Grand Vitara owners can retro fit this tech.

Maruti Grand Vitara AVAS Tech Launched – Beep Beep, pedestrians!

Hybrid (when running on electric power) and electric vehicles have a silent drive. This level of quietness can be disquieting to those who are used to the sound of an engine. So, manufacturers add fake noises on the inside played through car’s in-cabin speakers.

The same quietness also affects road users and pedestrians. Because of lack of an engine sound, pedestrians maybe less alert while using roads than they would have been before the advent of EVs.

So, AIS 173 (Automotive Industry Standard) mentions that QRTVs (Quiet Road Transport Vehicles) should come equipped with some kind of warning systems for pedestrians and other drivers. AVAS is Maruti Suzuki’s way of implementing a pedestrian warning system. Grand Vitara is the first vehicle in India to get this feature.

AVAS Engaged: Grand Vitara Strikes the Right Chord for Safety – How does it work?

According to Maruti Suzuki, AVAS works like an external speaker. It emits low-level and low-frequency alert sounds that are audible for pedestrians, and other drivers within 5 feet. This becomes almost necessary for QRTVs and is in line with AIS 173 standard.

Maruti’s AVAS tech kicks in when the vehicle is running in pure electric mode. When running on pure electric mode, Maruti Grand Vitara AVAS will emit low-level alert noises until the petrol engine kicks in after exhausting the very short pure electric range.

According to AIS 173, all QRTVs need some kind of pedestrian alerting system when running on pure electric mode. Any vehicle that gets an electric motor or a motor generator, fall in QRTV category. Similar to Grand Vitara Intelligent Hybrid, Hydrogen fuel cell vehicles, BEVs, and PHEVs will have to comply AIS 173 as well.

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