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Ather 450X Special Edition Incoming – Celebrates 10-Year Anniversary

Ather 450S, 450X
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As opposed to current 450X Gen 3, upcoming Ather 450X Special Edition might pack additional performance and range

The Bengaluru-based electric mobility startup, Ather Energy, is reportedly launching a new variation of its flagship Ather 450X electric scooter. According to reports, the company is likely to call it Special Edition and it will commemorate Ather’s 10 years in electric mobility industry. Unique design scheme, more performance or range are probable with this update.

Ather 450X Special Edition Incoming – What to expect?

If we take a look at Ather’s website, the company currently only offers 450X Gen 3 and there is a placeholder for 450X with a 3.7 kWh battery with the text ‘coming soon’. Is this referring to Special Edition? Probably.

Ather launched 450X Gen 3 over a year ago and recently launched a more affordable 450S and has homologated 450S HR as well. But the upcoming 450X on Ather’s website could very well indicate this Special Edition. The reports claim higher performance with this update and we can see an increase in top speed from 90 km/h on current 450X Gen 3.

Maybe 100 km/h? We hope top speed is around 100 km/h, considering its primary rival Ola S1 Pro Gen 2 boasts 120 km/h top speed. As per Ather’s website, this upcoming 450X (without any suffixes) has a certified range of 150 km and TrueRange of 110 km. Features like 7-inch touchscreen instrument cluster with Maps support and smartphone connectivity are likely.

Ather's 7-inch touch instrument cluster
Ather’s 7-inch touch instrument cluster

These range figures are up from 146 km certified and 105 km TrueRange of Ather 450X Gen 3. The primary changes are likely to be with design or new exclusive colours. Probably new graphics and a bunch of freebies or accessories that Ather is offering to both existing and new customers. Ride modes with 450X Gen 3 will be on offer too.

Upcoming Ather scooters

Ather currently has a lot on the cards. For starters, Ather is launching 450S HR in the future. Homologation for the same has already done. HR in the name could mean High Range or Higher Range. It packs a 3.76 kWh battery along with AIS 040 certified 156 km of range on a single charge.

This is 6 km more than upcoming Ather 450X, advertised on official website. Other than that, Ather is also working on a maxi-style scooter that comes with wind protection for riders and a comfortable riding posture for longer rides.

Considering it is an electric scooter, it would be interesting to see advertised range figures of that vehicle. This maxi-styled scooter will launch later, as Ather 450X Special Edition and 450S HR seem to be right around the corner.

In terms of pricing, a price point of Rs. 1.7 lakh for Ather 450X Special Edition and Rs. 1.5 lakh for Ather 450S HR seems logical (both prices ex-sh, excluding subsidies). With Ather’s Pro packs, one can take pricing way higher too.


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