Audi Q3 SUV TDI diesel spied in Pune (Photos)

Audi Q3 SUV was spotted in full glory earlier yesterday on Nagar Road, Pune. Audi Q3 SUV has been spotted in India earlier as well, but this time, it was spotted with the Q3 TDI tag, indicating launch is nearing. Audi has announced their plans to introduce Q3 SUV in India this year and it was on display during the 2012 Delhi Auto Expo.

Once launched, Audi Q3 will compete with BMW X1 SUV. Audi hopes Q3 will help improve their sales in India, just like X1 helped BMW. Audi also wants to replace Mercedes Benz as the second largest luxury car maker in India by yearend.

Globally, Audi Q3 is available in both petrol and diesel engine variants. Petrol Q3 is powered by a 2.0L TFSI four cylinder while diesel Q3 is powered by a TDI four cylinder. Petrol Q3 has two variants, 168 bhp with 280 Nm torque and 208 bhp with 300 Nm torque. Diesel Q3 too has two variants, 138 bhp with 320 Nm torque and 175 bhp with 380 Nm torque.

The Audi Q3 that was spotted in Pune last evening was a 2.0L TDI Q3 SUV 138 bhp variant. The driver of the SUV was very careful with the new Audi car as it was peak hour traffic. He even got angry when he saw the Q3 SUV getting clicked. After following the new Q3 for a while, the car then headed towards Pune-Mumbai highway and sped away. Once traffic settled and road cleared, the driver of Q3 floored the gas, acceleration was good and so was its sound.

Audi Q3 is the smallest SUV from the German car maker as of now (reportedly an even smaller SUV, Q1 is in the planning). Production of Audi Q3 began in 2011 April, at their unit in Martorell, Spain.