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Lambretta Elettra E-Scooter Concept Debuts – 15 HP, 127 KM Range

Lambretta Elettra electric scooter unveiled
Lambretta Elettra electric scooter unveiled

Elettra e-scooter concept previews Lambretta’s upcoming electric scooter that is expected to debut in 2024

Globally, Lambretta currently offers ICE-based scooters in the 200cc to 350cc range. Going forward, the company will be looking to add some EVs to the mix. The journey has begun, with the Elettra e-scooter concept unveiled at EICMA 2023. This concept will hint at design direction that Lambretta has planned for the future.

Lambretta Elettra e-scooter concept – Key features

Lambretta’s design team has done a good job at achieving a contemporary profile, without losing the signature features associated with the iconic brand. The face and overall body styling continue to evoke a sense of nostalgia. One can easily relate it to the Series 1 Lambretta scooter and its successors, as well as the Li-150 series 2 model, produced in India till 1976.

Lambretta Elettra electric scooter concept has also evolved in line with the needs and preferences of the current generation. Some of the key features include all-LED lighting, a quirky hexagonal headlamp casing with rectangular lighting element, a rider-only seat with ‘Lambretta’ badging and modern-looking side panels. New innovations have been added such as the pop-out button-type brake levers. The curved rear section resonates with Lambretta’s classic design language used with several of its iconic scooters.

Elettra e-scooter concept comes with an extra dose of LEDs. These can be seen with the various badging elements on the front apron, side panels and the floorboard. Some sections of the panel borders are also equipped with neon-style lighting elements. There are yellow bar end lights as well. However, it is unlikely that these fancy features will be available with the production-spec version.

Lambretta Elettra classic apron
Lambretta Elettra classic apron

Elettra e-scooter will be easy to repair, as the entire rear section can be accessed by lifting the scooter’s rear bodywork. Something similar to what we saw with PiperMoto J Series Scooter with KTM 690 engine. Based on the design, it is evident that Lambretta Elettra e-scooter concept has a comfortable, upright riding stance.

Lambretta Elettra e-scooter concept performance

Seat height is 780 mm, which should ensure optimal control and handling. The floorboard section has plenty of space. There’s storage space for small items at the front. Parts like the rear suspension and wheel and the electric motor of Elettra can be easily accessed in this manner.

Equipped with a 4.6 kWh lithium-ion battery pack, Lambretta Elettra electric scooter generates 15 HP of max power. It has a range of 127 km (Eco mode) and top speed of 110 kmph. Charging time is around 5 hours 30 minutes with a 220v home charger. When using a fast charger in a public place, up to 80% charge can be achieved in just around 35 minutes.

Lambretta Elettra profile
Lambretta Elettra profile

While Lambretta will be looking to launch the production version in international markets as early as possible, it is unlikely that the scooter will be launched in India anytime soon. Last year, Lambretta had announced plans to re-enter the Indian market in 2023. It was in partnership with the Bird Group. An investment of more than $200 million, spread over a period of five years, was allocated for the venture. However, there have been no further updates.

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