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Mahindra XUV400 1st Batch Buyer Feels Cheated – Shares Long List Of Complaints

Mahindra XUV400 Sales April 2023
New Mahindra XUV400 Electric SUV

OEMs reserve the right to introduce new features or discontinue existing ones, which can create displeasure among affected customers

One of the complaints often reported by car buyers is not getting the promised set of features. At the time of launch, carmakers try to highlight all the great things about the car. But at the time of delivery, the customer is surprised to see some of the advertised features missing.

Something similar recently happened to a XUV400 owner. Apart from the missing features, the owner has pointed out various other issues. The owner has stated that other buyers who had opted for the early bird offer were also facing the same set of issues.

XUV400 owner’s complaints

According to the owner, Mahindra had promised the best price to buyers who opted for the early bird offer. This was applicable for the first 10,000 units of XUV400. The owner says that the pricing policy was changed later. Customers who booked later benefited from an additional discount of Rs 1 lakh. The owner feels that he has been cheated of Rs 1 lakh. If he had waited, he too could have got the additional discount.

Another complaint that the owner has is about the missing features. He said that the car showcased at the launch event had features such as ESP, cruise control and traction control. The model given for test drive at M&M factory also had these features. But the XUV400 delivered to the owner does not get these features. The owner is disappointed, even more so, as he had opted for the early bird offer. It is apparent that the owner’s trust in the brand has been deeply shaken.

Mahindra XUV400 first batch owner shares
Mahindra XUV400 first batch owner shares

Issues with connectivity platform

Elaborating upon his experience, the owner says that more than 60 advanced connectivity features were promised via the Bluesense+ platform. It appears that the app was working fine initially. But later, the app seems to have developed issues. It is not able to connect, as the vehicle is shown as offline. The owner had filed a complaint with Mahindra service team. But the owner says that they were not able to fix the issue.

In other deficiencies pointed out by the owner, there appears to be a shortage of basic spare parts such as boot parcel tray, mud flaps, etc. This is happening even after three months of taking delivery.

We hope Mahindra will look into these issues and provide a solution soon. XUV400 has been a runaway success, with bookings of more than 10,000 units in just a few days. Bookings for XUV400 had opened earlier this year on Republic Day. According to Mahindra, the bookings are worth 7 months’ supply. Certainly, people who had trusted Mahindra and opted for the early bird offer should receive what they were promised.

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