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Tata Punch Based Hot Hatch Render – New 1.2 Turbo Petrol Engine

Tata Punch Based Hot Hatch Render
Tata Punch Based Hot Hatch Render

With rising percentage of young car buyers, demand for hot hatch models could soar in the near future

While popular overseas, hot hatch models are yet to make an impact in Indian market. High entry cost is a barrier and it explains why the hot hatch segment remains largely untapped. Also, most people prefer SUVs to achieve a dominating street presence.

However, with change in demography of car buyers, it is possible that hot hatch segment may bloom in coming years. It could be made possible by launching affordable versions. To understand the practicalities and possibilities, Pratyush Rout has come up with an interesting hot hatch version of Tata Punch.

Tata Punch Based Hot Hatch Render
Tata Punch Based Hot Hatch Render

Tata Punch-based hot hatch render – looks slick

A comprehensive range of changes have been introduced for Tata Punch-based hot hatch. An instant draw is the all-black colour shade in matte finish. The black theme exudes a sense of power and intrigue, all while presenting a compact, sporty persona.

At front, much of the front fascia has been redesigned. While the shape of the grille has been retained, it gets a piano-black treatment. LED headlamps and DRLs have been retained in their original format. The chrome bits on the grille such as the Tata logo create an exciting contrast against the black background.

Tata Punch Based Hot Hatch Render
Tata Punch Based Hot Hatch Render

Punch’s rugged design has been replaced with more structured layers and grooves. This is evident across the fog lamp housing, front bumper and side panels. The bonnet gets a scoop, which works to highlight the car’s performance capabilities. Side panels are neatly tucked in towards the bottom to achieve a chiselled, aerodynamic profile. The hot hatch has two doors and sleek rear-view mirrors with integrated turn signals.

Another key highlight is the large 18-inch wheels. In comparison, Punch SUV comes with R16 alloy wheels. The hot hatch uses low profile tyres, which help reduce ground clearance. At rear, the hatch has a sporty roof-mounted spoiler.

Punch-based hot hatch gets the new 1.2-litre turbo petrol motor

Tata Punch-based hot hatch will be equipped with the new 1.2-litre turbo petrol motor. This new engine was unveiled at 2023 Auto Expo. It generates 125 hp of peak power and 225 Nm of max torque. Both manual and automatic gearbox options will be available with this new engine. For reference, the existing 1.2-litre turbo unit being used with Nexon produces 120 hp and 170 Nm. It is evident that Punch-based hot hatch is primed to deliver an exhilarating experience.

Tata’s new 1.2-litre turbo petrol engine utilizes aluminium and has a stiffer construction. Apart from improving performance, it has capabilities to boost fuel efficiency. It utilizes a water-cooled variable geometry turbocharger, claimed to boost torque output in the low rev range. This ensures faster acceleration. The new engine is designed to have a longer service life. It will be ready to run on E20 ethanol-blend fuel.

Disclaimer – Design renders presented in this blog are solely for illustrative purposes and have not been commissioned, approved, or endorsed by the manufacturer. Designs presented here may not reflect the final product or the manufacturer’s intentions. The renders are provided as conceptual designs or artistic interpretations only, and their accuracy or feasibility cannot be guaranteed.

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