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Toyota Century SUV Will Rival Rolls-Royce Cullinan, Bentley Bentayga

Toyota Century SUV Render Rear
Toyota Century SUV Render Rear

Ever since its inception, Toyota Century brand came equipped with a bespoke V12 engine, which is not the case since the 3rd gen model launched in 2018

The Japanese brand Toyota is no stranger to a wide range of customers across multiple price segments. Toyota even has multiple sub-brands to market its vehicles. We have the regular Toyota brand, Lexus premium brand, new Crown brand to penetrate markets like China and North America.

But at the top tier, there is Century brand which makes uber-luxurious limousines. As of now, Century brand is JDM exclusive and there is just one vehicle. It is Century sedan. Given the popularity of SUVs, Toyota is working on a new Century-branded SUV that will take on the likes of Rolls-Royce Cullinan and Bentley Bentayga.

Toyota Century SUV – What we know so far

Only the most skilled Takumis (artisans) make Century vehicle interiors and are no less than men in aprons that build Rolls-Royce and Bentley vehicles. In Japan, Century vehicles are preferred choices for Japan’s Emperor, members of royalty, high-level businessmen, yakuza bosses and the likes.

For the first time, Toyota is making a Century-branded SUV. And for the first time, a Century vehicle will be sold outside JDM. Yeah. There are rumours of Toyota Century SUV being a global product, sharing underpinnings with North American Highlander monocoque SUV. Carscoops has posted renders of what they think this SUV might look like.

Toyota Century SUV Render Front
Toyota Century SUV Render Front

For starters, these renders take a similar route as Rolls-Royce did with Cullinan with a three-box design. Rolls-Royce’s execution has had mixed receptions and many renowned motoring journalists have expressed reservations as well. We hope Toyota does a better job at creating a Century-branded luxury SUV than Rolls-Royce with its Cullinan.

Century’s way of making an opulent automobile

When it comes to interiors, Century does things very differently as opposed to British and Europeans. Starting with its very logo, this gold Phoenix is very intricate and extensive. Exterior design language has remained somewhat similar ever since its inception in 1967. Currently in its third generation, Century sedan has an understated and elegant stately design going for it.

On the inside, we don’t expect any flash like a starry headliner. But the interior will be made of the highest quality wood, wool, leather and plastics. A similar theme as the third gen Century sedan’s interior (2018) is likely to feature in Toyota Century SUV as well. We’re talking about leather seats in the front, and wool and silk blend fabric seats for the important rear seats.

Toyota Century SUV Render Dashboard
Toyota Century SUV Render Dashboard

A collapsible cavity in the front passenger seat backrest is a quintessential Century feature and will make it on Century SUV as well. This allows said VIP to stretch out his legs if there is no front passenger. With the 3rd gen Century sedan, Toyota dropped its creamy and bespoke V12 in favour of a V8 hybrid. Same 5.0L hybrid V8 (425 bhp combined) is likely on the rumoured monocoque Toyota Century SUV.

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