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September 21, 2023 10:26 am

Ola Electric Motorcycles Trademarked In India – 4 New e-Bikes

Ola electric motorcycles trademarked

With Diamond Head, Ola electric motorcycles could see a new direction in terms of engineering and can even break convention as well

When an automaker is at the peak of its intended success, branching out to different genres is one of the logical things to do. That is exactly what Ola Electric is doing. Ola recently launched its most affordable and ambitious S1 X range of electric scooters. At the same stage, Ola also showcased 4 new electric motorcycle concepts.

Now, Ola Electric has trademarked the names of these upcoming electric motorcycles. As seen in the images below, these names are M1 Cyber Racer, M1 Adventure, M1 Cruiser and Diamond Head. Let’s take a look at finer details.

Ola Electric Motorcycles Trademarked – A new era!

The Indian startup brand, Ola Electric, is diversifying its portfolio like no other. The enthusiastic CEO Bhavish Aggarwal aims to venture into indigenous battery design and manufacturing, along with electric motorcycles and even electric cars. At the S1 X launch, Mr Aggarwal demonstrated working of its upcoming 4680 battery cells as well.

With a mission to redefine electric motorcycles, Ola has been working relentlessly to have more outreach and penetration in the Indian market. Company’s four new upcoming electric motorcycles seem to be an important stepping stone in that direction. Ola has trademarked names for all four of its electric motorcycles.

M1 Cyber Racer trademark

Of the four trademarks we see, only three have passed formality check, while one hasn’t. M1 Cruiser, M1 Adventure and M1 Cyber Racer trademarks were filed last month and all of them have passed formality check. Diamond Head is Ola’s flagship and flag bearer and the name has seen some objections.

Which one will launch first?

Names are pretty self-explanatory. M in M1 range means ‘motorcycle’ and M1 Cruiser is a low-slung electric cruiser, M1 is a dual-sport motorcycle with some off-road hardware, M1 Cyber Racer seems to be the roadster motorcycle that Ola demonstrated and Diamond Head is the flagship that will pack the new engineering direction.

Of all the four, only M1 Cyber Racer seems to be a working prototype. This could be a good hint that Ola might launch its roadster before others. The most menacing and appealing of this bunch is definitely M1 Cruiser. Ola will launch all of these motorcycles in a phase-wise manner starting next year.

Diamond Head trademark objected

Powertrains and specs are unclear at this point. But going with Ola’s approach to their S1 scooter lineup, performance should be one of the biggest priorities. Range, features and gimmicks will be in abundance as well. Faster EV adaptation will lead Indian electric motorcycle segment to new heights and there are a few examples like Ultraviolette F77 already on sale.

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