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Ather 450X HR Homologated – 2nd Model With HR Suffix After 450S HR

Ather 450X HR
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Where battery size is concerned, Ather 450X HR packs a 3.66 kWh pack that promises a 158 km range certified by AIS 040

In the newfound popularity of electric scooters in India, Ather Energy is among the leading players. Competition is intensifying with new entrants from startup brands and mainstream scooter manufacturers. Ather is fortifying its grounds with a new HR lineup that could mean High Range. 2nd model with HR tag is Ather 450X HR, recently homologated after 450S HR.

What is HR in Ather 450X HR homologated?

For starters, HR can mean a lot of things. Considering electric scooter nomenclature and the fact that these HR models claim a higher range in homologation documents, HR in Ather 450X HR and Ather 450S HR could mean ‘High Range’ or ‘Higher Range’. The new models will be identical to Ather’s outgoing design.

In terms of dimensions, both Ather 450X HR and Ather 450S HR have the same dimensions – 1837 mm in length, 739 mm in width, 1114 mm in height, 1296 mm in wheelbase and has a gross vehicle weight (GVW) of 243 kg. All Ather’s scooters follow the same dimensions as the brand only has one scooter design, with a 2nd maxi scooter design in the works.

Both Ather 450X HR and 450S HR boast almost similar specs where powertrains are concerned. But there are surprises in the mix. A 74 Ah battery pack is common between the two. When Voltage is brought into the mix, Ather 450X HR has less energy at 3.66 kWh as opposed to 3.76 kWh of Ather 450S HR.

Ather 450X HR Homologated
Ather 450X HR Homologated

That said, both the batteries weigh 22 kg each. Where range is concerned, Ather 450X HR boasts up to 158 km and 450S HR claims 156 km as per AIS 040 (Rev 1). As of now, Ather 450X is on offer with 2.9 kWh and 3.7 kWh battery options promising 111 km and 150 km of claimed range.

However, top speed for Ather 450X HR isn’t mentioned in the new homologation documents. Ather 450S HR claims an 80 km/h top speed and has a comparable range of 450X HR. So, a 90 km/h top speed is highly likely with 450X HR. For context, both 450S and 450X currently on sale, promise a top speed of 90 km/h.

What to expect in terms of features?

Power figures ranges between 1.9 kW (2.54 bhp) in Eco Mode and 6.4 kW (8.6 bhp) in Warp Mode. Sport Mode, Ride Mode and Smart Eco Mode packs 5.5 kW (7.37 bhp), 3.2 kW (4.29 bhp) and 2.3 kW (3.08 bhp) respectively. Recently homologated 450S HR lacks Warp Mode and has slightly less power in other modes.

Where features are concerned, Ather 450X HR will come equipped with all the bells and whistles. The 7-inch Google-powered touchscreen dashboard with Google Maps, sleek UI and others will be on offer. Other attributes like dual disc brakes, LED lighting, 22L boot space, and others are highly likely too.

There may be new and exciting colours exclusive to HR models too. We’re not sure whether Ather is offering its Pro package as standard fitment with 450X HR. As of now, Pro pack for 450X costs Rs. 23,000 and comes with Ather RideAssist, Ather Connect, and AtherStack OTA updates. Launch could happen very soon.

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