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Honda Revo X Facelift in India – Patent Perfection

Honda Revo X facelift patented in India
Honda Revo X facelift patented in India

While Supra GTR 150 is a more tech-laden and performant offering, Honda Revo X Facelift is a no-frills mid-range underbone scooter

Following the launch of the MY23 Dio 125, it now appears that Honda India has patented a new scooter. India is one of the largest motorcycle and scooter markets in India. And its logical that Honda will aspire for a scooter portfolio that’s updated and in keeping with current trends.

The patent is for the Honda Revo X Facelift underbone scooter. While it could launch in the Asian subcontinent, or Honda is routinely protecting its IP (intellectual property) in the world’s largest 2W market? Let’s take a look.

Honda Revo X Facelift scooter Inside the Patent Vault

Supra range comprises underbone scooters that the company sells in ASEAN markets like Indonesia. There is a 150cc model, Supra GTR 150, and a 125cc model, Supra X 125. Revo X scooter too, which sits below Supra range.

The one Honda patented in India looks like it is a slightly re-designed version of outgoing Honda Revo X . There are slight differences in body panels in the new patent as opposed to outgoing model. It is a proper underbone scooter with a spine in its floorboard and has 17” alloy wheels.

Honda Revo X facelift patent details
Honda Revo X facelift patent details

Hero Honda tried their luck in this segment with Street 100. Most don’t recall the Street 100 anymore as it never struck teh right chord. As of now, Okinawa Okhi-90 is the only underbone-type scooter. But it has a flat floorboard and boasts 16” alloy wheels.

In India, scooters are popularly used as unisex vehicles. Underbone scooter design slightly hinders usability for saree-clad users. Honda is highly unlikely to launch Revo X Facelift in India. Underbone scooters can be generalized as motorcycles with under-seat storage. This sort of vehicle was never popular in India.

What does it pack – Supra, GTR, and Revo X in a Single Honda Scooter

Maybe because Supra GTR 150 has both Supra and GTR in its name, it is more tech-laden. It has a DOHC setup with a 4V per cylinder configuration and a 6-speed gearbox as well. This liquid-cooled engine displaces 149.16cc and it generates around 16 bhp and 14.2 Nm of torque.

Honda Supra X 125 only has Supra in its name. The 124.89cc engine that generates around 10 bhp of power and 9.3 Nm of torque. It lacks fancy equipment and packs a 4-speed gearbox. It seems that Supra X 125 is not GTR enough. But Revo X is a step below that and packs a 109.17cc engine with 8.8 bhp and 8.7 Nm, mated to a 4-speed gearbox. This powertrain is likely to remain with facelifted model as well.

Honda Revo X facelift vs outgoing model
Honda Revo X facelift vs outgoing model

Did you ever dream of buying a Toyota Supra? One with a 2JZ-GTE twin-turbo setup? Or even buy a Nissan GT-R? Well, you can buy both Supra and GTR in one scooter which ironically, Honda sells. Kudos to the clever name trademarking strategy by Honda Indonesia. Good job!

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