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Ola Electric Sedan Takes Shape – Patent Design Registered

Ola electric sedan
Ola electric sedan

After multiple teasers and concept videos, Ola electric sedan finally takes shape and features digital cameras instead of mirrors

Ola Electric has been at the forefront of EV revolution in India. This electric scooter startup has had an amazing run and in little time has established itself as the No 1 electric scooter brand in the country. In May 2023, Ola sold 35K electric scooters, making them the highest-seller in 2w EV space by a large margin. Apart from 2W EVs, the company has revealed intentions of launching electric cars too.

There have been multiple teasers and concept videos. But now, Ola has patented the design of its first-ever electric car. Ola seems to have taken Tesla as its main inspiration and has stepped into the 4W EV realm with an electric sedan. Let’s take a look at what’s what.

Ola Electric Sedan Takes Shape – Aerodynamic Design

Looking at its design, we can say that it is unlike any other among 28 electric cars India gets. For starters, Ola has gone with an organic and aerodynamic design language. This is evident in how smooth all the body panels look. There is not a single sharp edge on this vehicle and this should ensure less air drag.

Ola has stuck with a basic teardrop signature. Low set bonnet, steep rake A-pillars, sloping roofline and a neat rear-end ensure maximum aero efficiency. Along the sides, we can see subtle body lines that will ensure air is smoothly passing through the sides. There are neatly integrated air guides on the bonnet too.

Ola electric sedan patent details
Ola electric sedan patent details

Front bumper has two crevices that are likely to be functional. These crevices will channel air into the front wheels. These create a teardrop path for air to flow and will cool brakes as well. There is a small air intake in the front bumper that will function to cool batteries. Sticking with aerodynamics, wheels look like they facilitate minimum air drag.

Design-wise, there will be a wide LED DRL bar in the front that will establish a smiling friendly face. There are sleek headlights with two ‘U’ LED DRL signatures, similar to concept video. We hope windshield wipers were hidden as they create quite a lot of turbulence. Door handles are probably in the pillars to keep a clean profile.

Will this car revolutionize Indian 4W EV?

We don’t see ORVMs in this patent. So, Ola is likely to go with digital cameras completely. LED tail light bar will probably take a similar shape as the front. Patent shows a dual-tone appeal with black roof and pillars along with dual-tone wheels as well.

New Ola Electric Car interiors
New Ola Electric Car interiors

Enthusiastic Ola Electric CEO Bhavish Aggarwal has revealed that Ola’s maiden electric car will be an indigenously designed and developed vehicle including its battery. We would reckon a battery size between 50 to 80 kWh with a real-world range between 300 and 600 km would be the ideal bet.

On the inside, Ola will offer two-spoke steering, and a central infotainment screen as shown in the teaser. Steering wheel is not round and takes an octagonal shape. There is a wide and short instrumentation screen that might even offer a HUD.

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