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Under construction flyover collapses – Falls over a traffic jam in Varanasi, 18 dead

The reason for collapse is that two pillars of under-construction flyover gave way. Images via - Ronson / Rushlane Crashlane on Facebook.

Maruti Suzuki plans huge investments for India to fuel further growth

Toyota Motor’s President Akio Toyoda and Suzuki Motor’s chairman Osamu Suzuki confirm new technologies and investments in India to Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

India’s longest road tunnel inaugurated on Jammu-Srinagar Highway

Chenani-Nashri tunnel is the first such tunnel in India and sixth tunnel in the world to have transverse ventilation system offering fresh air to commuters.

Why PM Narendra Modi uses BMW instead of Made-in-India car – Explained

Many hoped that Narendra Modi, India's 15th Prime Minister, to chose Mahindra Scorpio over BMW 7 Series as his official vehicle. But, the Special Protection Group (SPG), in charge of Prime Minister's and his next of kin's security, has zeroed in on BMW 760Li High Security Edition. Someone has an explanation as to why the 7 Series was chosen over Mahindra Scorpio.

GST Bill and how car buyers will benefit in the future

The bill to implement Goods and Service Tax has been passed by Rajya Sabha. Experts gauge its impact on the auto industry.

PM Modi will soon get a new aircraft to use as Air India One

It is a flying fortress of sorts as PM Modi's new Air India One can dodge missiles, can withstand grenade and rocket attacks and skirt and jam enemy radar.

Mary Barra meets PM Modi: Reveals Chevrolet Trailblazer, Spin launch plans and new investments

Today, at an event in New Delhi, Chevrolet India revealed exciting new details about their plans forward.

Narendra Modi’s BMW 7-Series vs Barack Obama’s Cadillac One Beast specs compare

There are many things, topics and issues that will come up when the president of another country lands on our soil. We, strictly adhering to our field of interest, take the matter of what our guest rides in on our roads seriously and compare it with what we've got in India. So it's Narendra Modi vs Barack Obama time; rather let's put it as BMW 7-Series 760Li Security Edition vs Cadillac One (dubbed the Beast by U.S Secret Service).