Ola Electric

Ola Electric Motorcycles Trademarked In India – 4 New e-Bikes

With Diamond Head, Ola electric motorcycles could see a new direction in terms of engineering and can even break convention as well

Ola Scooter Owners Unhappy With Service – Shutdown Showroom In Protest

Ola scooter owners forcefully shut down a showroom in Ichalkaranji, Maharashtra - As they are unhappy with Ola service experience

Ola S1 Pro Gen 2 Vs Gen 1 – Features, Specs, Range, Price Compared

As opposed to the competition, Ola S1 Pro Gen 2 has the highest peak power and claims the highest 'real-world' range

4 New Ola Electric Motorcycles Showcased – Launch In 2024

Out of the four Ola electric motorcycle concepts, Diamond Head looks the wildest and features an unconventional front setup

Ola S1X Launch Price Rs 90k, Deliveries From Dec 2023- S1 Pro Sport Edition

Ola Electric has launched a range of new scooters today - This includes their most affordable range of e-scooter, the S1X

Ola S1 Air Homologated – Two Battery Vendors With Two Different Range Figures

On the surface, all Ola S1 Air scooters seem to have the same battery, but there are differences within the individual units

Ola Electric Motorcycle Teased Again – MoveOS4 Debuts On 15th August

In addition to the new e-motorcycle, Ola will also be revealing the MoveOS 4 on August 15

New Ola S1 Air Arrives At Dealer Showroom – New Neon Colour Details

Ola Electric continues to register strong growth, with market share of 40 percent in July 2023