Cop slaps biker after biker catches cop riding without helmet, talking on mobile – Video

A cop blatantly ignored traffic regulations on Saturday at Sector 36/37 dividing road in Chandigarh.

Head Constable Surinder Singh, posted in the security wing of the Chandigarh police, has been suspended from duty. He was riding a bike without wearing a helmet and was talking on his cell phone. This gross traffic violation was brought to light when the cop was captured in video by Sumit Kumar, a Kansal resident, which has gone viral on social networking sites.

When Sumit noted this cop blatantly flouting traffic regulations, he rode close to him capturing the cop on video. The video is clear and Sumit can be heard talking to Singh asking him if it is ok for common persons to be challaned for talking on the phone while riding, but cops are above the law.

Singh was surprised for a moment but was later seen slapping Sumit and hurling abuses at him. Even as Sumit sped away, Singh tried to follow him.

Sumit has uploaded the video on a social networking site and has also sent off a copy to the SSP (Traffic) Shashank Anand. Sumit has also submitted a written complaint against Singh. Anand has confirmed that Head Constable Surinder Singh has been suspended.

He has also been challaned for not wearing a helmet and for speaking on his cell phone while driving. His driving license has been seized and will be sent to the transport and licensing authorities for a 3 month suspension as is mandatory by law.

Sumit was called by Yashpal Vinayak to the Traffic Administration office where he was informed of the suspension and challan. A copy of the challan slip has also been posted on Twitter and Facebook account of the traffic police.

Watch the video below