Eccelstone to speak with Ferrari on featuring Italian navy flag on their F1 car: Red Bull’s Vettel fastest during Practice 3 today at 2012 Indian Grand Prix

Formula 1 boss, Bernie Eccelstone has revealed that he will speak to Ferrari about their decision to place the Italian Navy Flag on Formula 1 car at the 2012 Indian Grand Prix. Ferrari had earlier announced that they are showing solidarity to the two personnel from Italian Navy which are currently held by the Indian government at the Central Jail in Thiruvananthapuram. These two Italians, Massimiliano Latorre and Salvatore Girone, are charged of killing two Indian fishermen back in February this year as they thought the fishermen were pirates and were going to attack the oil tanker which was being protected by the Italians.

On hearing about Ferrari, the Italian Formula One Team, showing solidarity by featuring the Italian Navy Flag on their F1 race car during the 2012 Indian Grand Prix, Bernie said that he was very surprised as he did not expect something like this from a team like Ferrari. It was very strange on Ferrari’s part as this is not their style. He also added that he would definitely speak to Ferrari officials regarding this at the earliest.

The image above is a screenshot from Ferrari’s official Facebook page where a lot of people (mostly Indian fans) have criticized them, while some have supported them. Some Ferrari fans are hurt to the extent, that they have stated, they will never support Ferrari ever again. One of the readers Binoj Kalayil stated, “I would prefer Ferrari be focusing on sport rather than foreign affairs. Does this act mean Force India should have a picture of a fishing boat when they drive next time in Italy?”

Apart from this, on the field, err racetrack, Red Bull continue to charge the Buddh International Circuit. After dominating both the practice sessions yesterday, Red Bull driver and World Champion, Sebastian Vettel improved his timing at the Practice 3 earlier today. He was followed by McLaren’s Jenson Button and Mark Webber.

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