KTM Racing Page on Facebook has a reach of 1.7 million users: KTM Ready to Race India popular

KTM Racing Page on Facebook is something every biker will be signing up for to keep themselves abreast of what is happening in the racing world. Through this popular social site, the company which is famous for sports oriented motorcycles directly communicates with fans, partners and customers while posting the latest news and updates regarding the company’s international racing activities.

This Racing page on Facebook is able to reach over 1.7 million viewers and is gaining in popularity with each passing day. KTM is the second largest European motorcycle manufacturer from Austria specializing in “Ready to Race” on and off road motorcycles and ATVs. KTM, founded in 1953 has a reputation of building high quality race ready machines suited for street racing or off road racing competitions.

Their Facebook page has fans spread across the globe and carries news articles of the company’s range of products, championships, races, adventure tours, photos, etc. The KTM Ready to Race India page is a popular regional portal. KTM also has an official YouTube Channel which has over 19000 subscribers and 200 video clips that have till date been viewed over 7.9 million times.

New release: KTM 2.0 – FB, YOUTUBE, TWITTER & CO.

KTM, the Austrian brand that is known worldwide for sports oriented motorcycles has recognized the power of the social media and has embraced a range of social media sites to create a communication interface directly with its partners, consumers and last but not least fans!

Facebook has enjoyed considerable success with the company’s global KTM Racing Page now keeping 737,000 motorcycle enthusiasts up to date with news and views about the company’s international racing activities. Now with a ‘reach’ in excess of 1.7 million, the KTM Racing Page continues to gain in popularity and according to social media analysts is one of the leading social media powers when measured against comparable brand activity.

Like the company’s racing activities the KTM Racing Facebook is completely international in its attraction with France contributing the biggest group of followers followed by USA, Italy, Austria, Germany, Australia and the United Kingdom. The breakdown of fans in language groups is also diverse with English, French, German and Spanish topping the list.

The company’s KTM Official Fanpage, which brings news about the company’s diverse range of products, Adventure Tours, Orange Days and many other topics was launched about one year after the KTM Racing Page and also has in excess of 60,000 fans and activities.

In addition there are a number of very active KTM national Facebook pages in local languages, one of the most popular being KTM Ready to Race India, started in the early part of 2012 to coincide with the launch of the KTM Duke 200 on the sub continent with 128,000 fans. KTM Facebook pages for the USA, France, Spain, UK, Scandinavia, Australia and many others deliver specific local news to KTM aficionados and are increasing in popularity.

Like KTM, many of its national subsidies are also active on YouTube, Twitter and other social media platforms. The official KTM YouTube Channel in the meantime has more than 19,000 subscribers and the around 200 video clips have already been viewed more than 7.9 million times. But it is Twitter @KTM_Racing that delivers the full buzz and all the very latest updates. More than 26,000 enthusiastic racing fans follow the Orange tweets on the well known short text news service!